'The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills' Meet Brandi Glanville
'The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills' Meet Brandi Glanville
Last week, Taylor went nuts in Beaver Creek. It was a really messy episode. This week, we're back in Beverly Hills and we get to meet the be-crutched Brandi Glanville. The morally corrupt Brandi Glanville? We don't know yet.

So Kim is still on her way to Paul and Adrienne's private jet to see the Kings. She also still doesn't quite know what's going on or who is calling her. Some person named "Adrienne" she's planning to see!

"Oh my god, look at her face," Paul says upon seeing Kim. There was a power out, so maybe Kim had to drink all the booze before it went room temperature? Kim is acting crazy, and Paul is visibly uncomfortable. Still, Adrienne forces him to hear Kim's story. But Kim keeps talking throughout the whole flight. Girl knows how to make a trip go by.

Kyle is having a cocktail party for her charity (children with cancer). Kyle is anxious because it's asking people for money and items for a silent auction. Misery loves company and money loves charity, though.

Kim, still slurring her words, doesn't fully understand that the Sacramento Kings fans might be upset about a possible relocation. Adrienne tells her that change is never easy, and Kim says, "I don't like new restauraaaants, new peoplllle. I just like my routine! Isthischocolate?"

Taylor discovered that there's an article in "the press" about her and her marriage. She asks Kyle about it, who handles it like a true friend. Taylor tells us in an interview that she and Russell decided that she can't talk to her friends about their marriage anymore. Taylor also had all her "staff" sign a confidentiality agreement. This is so Real Housewives of New York. Taylor blames Lisa.

Meanwhile in Sacramento, the fans are getting rowdy and Kim's buzz is wearing off. They're chanting "please don't go," and things could really be worse. Paul and Adrienne are still scared, and have ramped up the security. Adrienne is stressed and Kim is unfazed--still talking about things that don't matter at all. Paul is irritated. Adrienne has taken a lot of self-defense classes, so she's not afraid to go in closer. But seriously why did they invite Kim? Everything ended up OK for Adrienne, and Paul was pissed that Kim came along.

Camille is getting ready for her annual trip to Hawaii but this time she's single. Is she saying goodbye to that house, too? Do you remember Creepy Carl? Well, he is not invited because he knew Kelsey had a girlfriend on the side when he was sitting in her hot tub!

Lisa is still missing Cedric and his companionship. Maybe he'll show up when she expands Sur.

Kyle is very nervous about her charity event. Camille and Kim are not attending because they are in Hawaii and hungover, respectively. Lisa and Taylor show up, and Lisa asks Taylor how she's doing. How she's REALLY doing. Then she tells her she has lost too much weight, which is something the article SAID!

Back to the charity, it's important because Mauricio was a kid with cancer! He's OK now, and they raised $15,000. Several cocktails later, Lisa brings up Taylor's weight loss again. She brings it up with concern, which I think either touches or embarrasses Taylor. Either way, Taylor is sort of a mess. It was sort of awkward, and not the right time.

ENTER BRANDI GLANVILLE. She's super tall, gorgeous, and wearing a cast on her leg. The crutches just make her look even taller! She's at the event with Adrienne, getting over her divorce and busted leg. Lisa's quills are up because Brandi and Cedric have hung out. Taylor embraces Brandi almost immediately.

Brandi shares that she was married to Eddie Cibrian who is an "actor" and "the number one douchebag of all time." I will not argue with either of those, because I saw the Playboy Club premiere, and he was terrible in it. Lisa's in a confronting mood, so she asks Brandi about Cedric at the party. What the hell, Lisa? Also, what the hell is up with Brandi's top in those interviews!?

Paul thinks the Housewives are just jealous of Brandi because she's younger and prettier. "Who gives a sh*t?" Paul asks. Lisa, Kyle, and Taylor give a sh*t. Even more cocktails later, Taylor is trying to find out who leaked information to the press. And she is asking this totally creepy tan dude (Elliot Mintz) who thinks he is Dr. Lightman in Lie to Me

Everyone immediately puts Brandi on the defense, asking her about Cedric and their friendship. It was weirdly intense. After that conversation, the ladies drunkenly huddle around Kyle and gossip about Brandi loudly. That is really rude. In return, Brandi has decided to put her Bitch to work and make their lives a living hell.

It's on!

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