The Medium Gets In the Middle on 'The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills'
The Medium Gets In the Middle on 'The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills'
I've been looking forward to/dreading this episode. From the previews I know that sh*t it going to hit the fan and I will be all kinds of second-hand uncomfortable. Of course we'll have to lead into it and the fight will happen at the end of the episode and possibly continue into the next. I'm onto you, Housewives!

Camille is going out to lunch with Taylor, who "seems genuine." She followed that with the classic Camille shrug, though, so who knows what she really thinks. Here we go: Camille is having a dinner at her house for the Housewives (but the dinner party will be stacked with Camille's friends/worshipers.) She wants a break from the drama. Camille's friend D.D. will be at the dinner, and Alison, the woman who the show Medium was based on. It also sounds like this lady is a belligerent drunk. Keepin' it classy in the 90210!

Hilarious, sad things keep happening to Paul. One of their sons jumped on his face! At least he's a plastic surgeon?

Camille's calling all the 'wives to invite them to dinner. Did you guys catch Lisa's answering machine? How hysterical! Lisa, you are my favorite Housewife. Kyle was scheduled to have dinner with a friend so she's bringing her friend to Camille's. This is a total recipe for disaster (I say, having seen the previews.)

Oh, Lisa's new Louboutins! They're signed by Christian Louboutin and they're pink and sparkly. I want to be Lisa when I grow up. Kyle's getting ready to go to Camille's party and it seems like she's ready to let bygones be bygones. I'm interested to meet her friend, Faye! Camille and D.D. might be my least favorite people, they're just horrid and I can't stand Camille in her interview segments. Camille says she "collects lingerie, to me it's like candy," which makes me wonder, who collects candy?

The dinner party is upon us! Cue the dramatic music! In the limo, the Housewives agree that they don't want drama, as Camille and her friends have a cocktail. GIANT cocktails.  It's tense, but everyone's ready to put New York behind them, plus Adrienne will be there! Can there be a night without drama when you're with someone who doesn't really live fully in reality? We shall see!

Good news, the woman who Medium is based on is pretty ridiculous. It's cool that she profiles serial killers and that Patricia Arquette plays her but she's strange. Faye also seems a little prickly. I'm nervous! They start out with appetizers and Allison Dubois (the medium) is totally odd. She's almost like that hand model lady. She keeps saying weird things like how she likes hanging out with "alpha females." Oh, and a little Googling reveals that Faye Resnick was involved in the O.J. Simpson murder trial and wrote a book about it. AH!

Camille asks, "so how do you know Faye? She looks familiar," and Kyle tells her that Faye is a close family friend. Then Camille says, "Oh I saw her naked in Playboy, that's how I know her." How unnecessarily rude! Does Camille really keep up with Playboy like that? Ugly. They managed to ease the tension with some laughter and "spread" double entendre. But Camille did Playboy, too, it's how she met "Khahlsay." But it was only in lingerie (candy.) Ah well, Camille has written off Faye for good.

As this conversation goes on, Allison Dubois chugs down the cocktails and "lights up" an electronic cigarette. She's such a creep. Then she tells people she can "tap peoples' heads," but she would never do that on GIRLS' NIGHT! Lisa wants her to do some medium stuff and I think we're treading into dangerous territory. Allison refuses to "do anything" because she's "off the clock." They push her and she says, "don't tempt me, don't get me started," as she sucks on that cigarette like it's a bottle.

So of course Allison "taps" Kyle and tells her that her husband will never emotionally fulfill her and once the kids grow up they will have nothing in common. Oh no. Props to Camille, though, for pulling the attention/tension away from Kyle and saying, "oh I'm much more comfortable with guys." But then New York came up. It's over.

Camille says she didn't tell Allison anything about New York and Faye says she doesn't believe that. That's right about when the party took a turn for the even-worse. Camille felt like it was a set-up. What?! Maybe it was the presence of Allison Dubois, celebrity medium, but the ugly energy spread all around the table, touching everyone there.

Kyle got pretty rude with Camille, telling her that she's fake, and telling Allison that she's boring. Here's what my favorite Housewives (Lisa and Adrienne) did: kept their mouths shut. In an interview, Lisa identified Allison as the sh*t-stirrer. She's rude and awful and she needs to use her two legs to WALK! Patricia Arquette would never be such a bitch!

For the first time ever, I agree with Camille: "I felt that it started out positive and then it went down in flames." For whatever reason, Kim brought Taylor into it and they started fighting again. It IS contagious! Kim took some low blows at Taylor until Taylor FINALLY stood up and said, "ENOUGH!" They stood up to leave and Kyle picked at Camille a bit more. Camille decided it must be jealousy. Good for her! Kyle and Camille tried to talk but Allison kept butting in and I hate her SO MUCH. She needs to get punched!

We'd better not see that bitch ever again. In protest, I will never watch Medium. She needs to stop saying, "know that." I don't even think Camille is at fault this time! This was not even about Kyle and Camille! By the way, Kim is bleary-eyed drunk. Ugh, Kim. Oh, and speaking of "those who live in glass houses," Camille! Let's not talk about Mauricio's wandering eye! I don't even have words for the two-party bitchfest that went on after they parted ways, either.

UPDATE: Camille called in to Watch What Happens Live to apologize to Kyle for what she said about her marriage and it was the best we've ever seen Camille. Kyle apologized for what she said in return and I gained respect for both of them.

Gross. What do you think about "The Dinner Party From Hell"?

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