'Real Housewives of Atlanta' Star NeNe Leakes Talks Filming 'Glee': I Love These Kids!
'Real Housewives of Atlanta' Star NeNe Leakes Talks Filming 'Glee': I Love These Kids!
Gina Pusateri
Gina Pusateri
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Last month, Glee stars Chris Colfer and Lea Michele revealed on Watch What Happens Live that Real Housewives of Atlanta star NeNe Leakes would appear on their show

Now we can get a glimpse of NeNe in her new role as swim coach Roz Washington, as well as sharing some of her Glee on-set experiences.

"I love the kids," NeNe says in the interview with FOX. "You know I'm a mom, I have two boys of my own. So the set is absolutely fabulous. You have a whole bunch of kids here, and I'm the mom so I have to put them in their place and I love that." 

"And besides that, Glee is giving kids a chance at music and theater and acting and all those things, and those things are great." 

Watch the interview:

Here's a picture NeNe tweeted with one of the "kids," Naya Rivera, on the set of Glee yesterday.

NeNe also talked about her character, swim coach Roz Washington: "In real life, I'm not a good swimmer. Like I barely swim. Like seriously. It's crazy. I'm playing a swim coach, but I'm not a swimmer."

NeNe also confirmed on Twitter that she had just wrapped up filming her second episode. Her character will have some run-ins with the other hardheaded high school coach, Sue Sylvester, played by Jane Lynch. NeNe tweeted this picture of the two on set.

"One thing I always say to myself is I'm sort of like a 'lights, camera, action' type girl, and I want to own it," NeNe said about acting. "And I want to own my character, and I really want to be Coach Roz. So I'm definitely going to be a little nervous, but I'm going to do my best to give the best that I can give."

Gina Pusateri
Contributing Writer

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