'Real Housewives of Atlanta': Kandi Burruss Clears the Air After Controversial Africa Trip Comments
'Real Housewives of Atlanta': Kandi Burruss Clears the Air After Controversial Africa Trip Comments
Gina Pusateri
Gina Pusateri
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In this week's episode of The Real Housewives of Atlanta, Kandi Burruss, who's usually neutral among the ladies, found herself right in the middle of all the drama. Now, after being accused of saying that Kim Zolciak wouldn't go to Africa or hold a black baby at an orphanage, Kandi's writing on her Bravo blog to clear the air with her opinions about her friend Kim.

First, she addresses Marlo Hampton, the friend of the housewives (specifically NeNe) who brought 29 pairs of shoes on their ten-day trip to Africa, which she wasn't even technically invited to.

"I think for the most part Marlo is a nice person, and yes, I think she's fashionable, but I just don't like being around people who constantly boast and brag about what they have," Kandi wrote of Marlo's constant need to flaunt her expensive labels. "At a certain point people will only notice you for what they can see on the surface, if that's all you seem to offer. I think Marlo has an incredible closet full of beautiful clothes and shoes, but the constant talk about them I can do without."

Kandi also makes clear her opinions about her friend Kim Zolciak missing the trip to Africa, and defended her claim that she "couldn't see" Kim helping out at the orphanage that the ladies visited:

"First off, I do not think Kim would have gone to Africa, even if she hadn't just had the baby, and I don't see her spending time at an orphanage, especially not the one we went to in Africa," she wrote. "Kim has been avoiding NeNe for over a year. It would have taken a million dollars to get her to come on a trip where she was stuck for a whole week in close proximity to NeNe. On top of that she hates long flights. As for me saying I don't see her at the orphanage, no I don't. She may disagree, but that's my opinion. I just don't see her being the type to be there. Not that Kim wouldn't help. I think she would help with giving donations to get them what they need, but I don't see her doing physical help."

Despite standing by her claims, Kandi wasn't appreciative of being "thrown under the bus" by her fellow "Small" Sheree. Kandi says that she didn't mean to imply anything racially in her comments about Kim and that her words were twisted by Sheree.

Kandi also resents NeNe claiming that Kim was the "boss of the Smalls." In the episode, she said that no one else is the "boss" of her in any aspect of her life.

"No one in the Smalls leads the other," Kandi wrote. "We all have our own opinions and are not easily influenced. She also says that we think she is the leader of the Talls, and that they do what she says. I might agree she's the leader of Cynthia. She may not lead Cynthia, but she definitely seems to influence Cynthia. Cynthia said that the Smalls seem nicer when NeNe isn't around, but I think it's just that when NeNe is not there, Cynthia is more open with us."

For someone that is usually on the outside of the cattiness, Kandi certainly had something to say about nearly all of her castmates. And it looks like the drama doesn't stop when the ladies return to the States:

Gina Pusateri
Contributing Writer

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