Coaching Under Pressure on 'The Real Housewives of Atlanta'
Coaching Under Pressure on 'The Real Housewives of Atlanta'
So Kim, who fancies herself an older Lindsay Lohan, is not dating Kroy yet on our Real Housewives of Atlanta timeline, because she's still dipping her toe in the lady pond. Kim and Tracy, her Samantha Ronson, bonded over their love of music and undisputed musical talent. Kim tells Tracy that she doesn't want to go see Jan, the vocal coach, again because Jan is like, totally mean. Tracy offers to come to Atlanta for moral support.

Yes! Sheree is acting again! I love it. Sheree sees her acting coach, who is going ot find Sheree a play to be in. They've found Sheree a local play (community theater) called, "Child-Support Man," and Sheree is not at all thrilled. She's too sassy for this crap! She can't believe that she won't get paid, and that she would have to give up her time for a two-week run. Sometimes I think Sheree just has a deck of profession flashcards that she flips through and just points to a card and says, "this one!"Sheree's acting coach also found her an agent, which Sheree should be more excited about.
Peter is cranky with Cynthia because she's "always" on the phone with NeNe. Relax, Peter! NeNe is a little depressed because of the Gregg situation, she needs friends. NeNe says it best, "I'm just sick of everybody."

Kim goes to see Jan and record "The Ring Didn't Mean a Thing," and she's really nervous. Tracy's looking at Kim like she sounds great. Love is deaf, too, I guess. Jan made Kim sound pretty decent sometimes, though. She made her try! It happened on "diamonds." Back in the studio with Kandi, Kim's back to not trying. But congratulations, we will all dream about this song tonight as it is permanently engraved in our minds now.

So many awesome things are happening in this episode, I can't even handle it. Phaedra's photographer (from the infamous pickle photo shoot) stops by for another over-the-top boughetto baby photo shoot. The photographer wants to focus on Ayden, but Phaedra complains, insisting that she be featured as well. So, perhaps defiantly, Ayden craps on Phaedra in her all-white outfit. And of course it ended with Apollo taking his shirt off.

Sheree goes to the audition for an agent and it might be the most nervous we've seen her. The agents don't seem super impressed and Sheree doesn't think the situation is fair. I can't wait to see how this all develops.

The Atlanta Housewives (Sheree and Kandi) are drag racing! Kandi chose a Mercedes and Sheree will be racing her new Aston Martin. I love it. Kim pulls up with Tracy and her kids, blaring Kandi's new demo of "The Ring Didn't Mean a Thing." Kandi is surprised to see Tracy at the event because Kim has asked Kandi to keep the Tracy thing under wraps. Sheree is making conversation with Tracy, and Kim dispatches Sweetie to take Tracy away. Weird.

Peter is being very distant to NeNe, and Cynthia blames restaurant stress. Kim is going with Kandi and Sheree is taking Tracy, who she's not allowed to talk to. It seems like Tracy is more into the relationship/non-relationship than Kim, but Kim is always aloof, so who knows. The race was over in a flash and Sheree won, I guess.

In the car on the way home, NeNe calls Cynthia and Peter gets prickly. Peter and NeNe duke it out on the phone and Cynthia is visibly uncomfortable. It seems like they flapped their wings and got it out of their systems, though.

Oooooh next week Kim is dancing and Phaedra's going to confront Cynthia! What was your favorite part of tonight's episode?

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