Biggest Pieces of Crap on 'The Real Housewives of Atlanta'
Biggest Pieces of Crap on 'The Real Housewives of Atlanta'
I loved this week's episode, and while it was not a piece of crap itself, there was a lot of crap in that episode. One of the pieces of crap is literal, but they all stunk. Here are the biggest dumps of the week:

Peter's Attitude Toward Cynthia's Friendship with NeNe
RHAcrappy3.jpgPeter was acting like a real turd. An insensitive turd. Can't he see that NeNe is going through some crap of her own and needs a friend? I don't like the way he micro-manages Cynthia and she just deals with it. It's crap!
Nausea level: 2

Sheree's Agency Audition
RHAcrappy4.jpgWhile certainly not the biggest piece of poo, Sheree's audition was not so great. She's got Kristen Shaw working overtime as her acting coach, but won't take just any job. But who needs a job (or a play called "Child-Support Man") when you've already got the confidence of a star? Never settle, Sheree!
Nausea level: 3

Kim's Dip in the Lady Pond
RHAcrappy5.jpgOnce, twice, nope just one time a lady. Kim's attitude about Tracy was very strange. She gave the tabloids a story about being bisexual, then pretended like it was this big secret. Also, you could tell Tracy was more into it than Kim was (God knows why). Their relationship ended up being a big stinking turd in the room, left by the elephant there.
Nausea level: 3.5

Phaedra's Photo Shoot
RHAcrappy2.jpgWhile part of me says, "yes, more photo shoots!" a bigger part of me says, "this must end." The photo shoots are tacky, strange, and always end up with Apollo shirtless. Who is this for?
Nausea level: 5

Most of What Kim Laid Down in the Studio
RHAKimstudio1.jpgShe didn't really try, and vocal coach Jan proved that when she made Kim try, there were audible results. Still, Kim would rather just lead the pop star lifestyle and hold her phone like a pop star than actually put the work in.
Nausea level: 6.5

Ayden Craps on Phaedra's Hand
RHArealpoop.jpgThere are some things you can't un-see, and I imagine Phaedra won't just bounce back from being pooped on. Wet, hot, baby diarrhea. TOO REAL!
Nausea Level: 9

(images courtesy of Bravo)