Best Moments from 'The Real Housewives of Atlanta' Reunion Part 1
Best Moments from 'The Real Housewives of Atlanta' Reunion Part 1
How awesome is it that the Atlanta Housewives are reuniting in an aquarium?! Almost as awesome as Kandi's beautiful new hair. It's been such a long season! I love the beginning of a reunion show because everyone is subdued and just here to laugh and have a good time. Generally. Whether it was a small moment or a big explosion, here are my favorite moments from the RHOA Reunion show.

NeNe Acting Cold and Calculated
NeNe was just oozing hatred for Kim, and a little at Phaedra. Cool it with the dramatics, NeNe! I want to still like you at the end of all this.

Kim: Gay, Straight, or Taken?
Big Poppa is in the picture? Not in the picture? What about her dip in the lady pond with Tracy? And now Kroy? But Kim's psychic predicted it all! Does NeNe care? No, she's too busy THROWING SHADE. By the way, Kim claims she has full-on quit smoking since the pregnancy.

NeNe Gets Unnecessarily Sassy
Andy joked about her and Peter and she just seethed at him. It was pretty awkward.

Phaedra's Montage
Remembering Phaedra's over-the-top craziness and that baby shower brought us back to the good times when we could just enjoy how weird Phaedra was and not worry about Kim and NeNe. And Phaedra totally killed her diplomatic answer about white people liking canned foods. It got all politically correct up in that aquarium.

Kim Defends Her Lifestyle
So, Kim, do you have a job? "I know that's the way it looks but, I do have a wig line, I do have a book, I'm doing music, I've got two kids..." Yes, Kim has a book coming out about her relationship with Big Poppa. Make it stop!

She's Your Assistant, But Can You Talk to Sweetie That Way?
Did anyone actually call Sweetie a slave or did they say Kim was treating her LIKE one? We may never know because Kim and NeNe will not stop yelling at each other. NeNe finally exploded. It looks like she's staying uncorked for next week's Part 2!

(image courtesy of Bravo)