VH1's 'The Pickup Artist' Returns for Second Season
VH1's 'The Pickup Artist' Returns for Second Season
After last season's amazing tales of transformation, VH1 continues the success of its reality series, The Pickup Artist.  The ultimate ladies' man, Mystery, returns for the second season to train nine socially awkward contestants in the art of wooing women.  The show kicked off just last week, with Mystery being joined by his wingman Matador, and wing-woman Tara.

From the start of the episode, Mystery shows that it's better to be tough with the boys.  He's going to eliminate one of them even if they all just got there.  However, we get a chance to get to know each of the guys vying for the title, “Master Pickup Artist.”

First on the list is 26-year old Todd, known as every girl's best friend, but never the boyfriend.  Afterwards, Rian is introduced.  He's from Portland, 28 years old, and has been a virgin ever since.  Kissing instructor Tara is then featured sitting on the pool of the guys' new house in Phoenix.  She tells the boys to pick their rooms and get ready, as they are about to meet Mystery at last. 

Before that, poetry-slammer Simeon talks about himself and admits his desire to have someone to sleep next to.  He's lived on a boat before, but he reinforces the fact that he's lonely by yelling “Bounce test!” while jumping on the beds at the house.

Next up is Karl, a 21-year old brokenhearted fellow who stayed with his cheating girlfriend for three months.  There's also Matt, who calls himself a mix of Austin Powers and Lauren Hutton.  Long-haired Greg follows, and he's known for his voice cracking when around women. 

Another contestant is the humorous Brian, who confessed that the only place he's ever planted his lips is on his mother's forehead.  Next is the VH1 online winner Kevin, who's sick of being shot down by ladies even though he's tried.  Finally, Alex comes in with a gold chain around his neck.  Many women think he's gay but maybe it's just his style.

On the first episode of The Pickup Artist 2, Mystery calls the boys and tells them to board the Bus of Destiny.  They're to meet him, Matador and Tara downtown and into the wild jungle of the city so the master can assess their skills (or lack of them).  They head toward the Acme Bar and Grill, where the boys end up failing to converse with women.  Mystery and Matador later show them how it's done.

This seems to be how things are going to be like for the rest of the season.  One contestant's already out and there's still eight of them to go, and Mystery has to continually watch all of them to see who's got potential. 

-Maria Gonzalez, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
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