[Video] 'The Originals' Sneak Peek: Has Klaus Become His Father?
[Video] 'The Originals' Sneak Peek: Has Klaus Become His Father?
Carla Day
Carla Day
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The Original siblings are trapped in a cemetery for a night with Klaus on a rampage. He wants to use the White Oak stake to kill his sister once and for all. Elijah continues in his role as the family peacemaker in "Farewell to Storyville." Will Klaus kill Rebekah and her line of vampires? Or will the siblings resolve their issues?

Check out the following The Originals sneak peeks for "Farewell to Storyville."

Klaus has a white oak stake and he's ready to use it on Rebekah. Elijah encourages her to hide while he deals with their brother. Marcel wants her to stay clear of Klaus. It's a witch dagger versus a white oak stake. Elijah pledges to protect Rebekah.

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The Original siblings are trapped in the City of the Dead by the boundary spell. They have one day to deal with each other. The white oak stake is the only thing that will kill an Original vampire. 

"You look like Father," Elijah tells his brother. The siblings argue about all that has happened between them. It's therapy time. Will all three come out of the cemetery alive? And will they be a cohesive family?

Sneak Peek

The stand-off has gone on for hours. Elijah will not let Klaus get by him, so Klaus turns his threats from Rebekah towards his brother. Is Klaus is Father now? Ouch! That's a horrible insult that Elijah threw at Klaus.

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