'The Originals' Recap: Poisoned with a Kiss
'The Originals' Recap: Poisoned with a Kiss
Jennifer Lind-Westbrook
Jennifer Lind-Westbrook
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On this week's episode of The Originals, Hayley meets a man who may change the course of her destiny. Elijah figures out Sabine's true identity. The resurrected witches seek vengeance on the Original family and Father Kieran. And Sophie's niece returns to the land of the living.

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Sunday Bloody Sunday

St. Anne's is back in business, and Father Kieran tells his congregation that the church can once again be the heart of the community where "we can congregate as a people united." Only it's not just people sitting in the pews at the inaugural service. Marcel and Klaus are there as well along with a couple of mystery ladies, one of whom catches Marcel's attention.

Celeste continues to go about business as usual as does Sabine, giving tours to out-of-towners. While showing shutterbugs through a cemetary known as "The City of the Dead," one of the girls, Monique Devereaux (Yasmine Al-Bustami), sacrificed for the harvest, finally makes it back to the land of the living in dramatic fashion: she busts out of her tomb to the shock of the tourists. Someone not surprised by her appearance is Sabine. This is great news for Sophie, who promised her now-deceased sister Jane-Anne that she would find a way to bring her niece back after screwing up the harvest ceremony.

After the service, Father Kieran is greeted by a woman named Bastianna (Shannon Eubanks). She places a hex on him. She also tells him to give his regards to his nephew Sean when he sees him in Hell. Looks like Father Kieran's days are numbered.

One Witch Dies, Another Lives

The vampires, in particular Klaus, receive a gruesome message: the dead body of Papa Tunde. Marcel considers it a threat. Klaus can't figure out why the witches would leave what he thought to be their "prized fighter" in their front yard.

Rebekah arrives with the news of Monique's return. She says the witches are celebrating like it is a miracle. Marcel says now that a harvest girl has suddenly been resurrected, all they have to do to get Davina back is kill the witch who took her place. Hayley suspects that one of the witches is Celeste and that Davina's drawings of Elijah's ex-girlfriend are proof.

One Fight Ends, Another Looms

Elijah asks Rebekah to take Hayley to the plantation house where he thinks she'll be safer. Rebekah tells her brother to let Hayley decide for herself where she wants to be and questions why he's dictating her fate. He admits without actually uttering the words that it's because of his big ole' crush on Hayley. He doesn't trust himself to take her, telling Beks that while he can't isolate his feelings, he does have control over his actions. Rebekah assumes getting Hayley to go will be a hard sell, but she agrees to his request if only to end their quarrel.

Marcel corners Rebekah and tells her that he spotted one of the resurrected witches, a woman named Genevieve (Elyse Levesque). Apparently, this witch has the goods on Beks and Marcel. Most likely, she's the witch they used to summon Mikael. Rebekah tells Marcel he needs to end it like they did last time.


Father Kieran seeks out his niece Cami at Rousseau's who's beyond pissed that her uncle was speaking to Klaus after the morning service. But differing philosophies on human/vampire relations will have to wait. Father Kieran tells Cami that he is destined to follow in his nephew's footsteps, and he doesn't know how long he has left before it begins. He tries to make Cami promise to steer clear of him, but she's convinced there has to be some sort of cure. Enter a ginger named Genevieve who's in possession of the all-powerful knife that Papa Tunde powered up with all kinds of sacrificial power. She tells Cami all she has to do is put it into Klaus' heart and her uncle will be saved.

The "Crescents"

Hayley is all too willing to head out of town. On top of everything else going on, it's a full moon. This mean that Hayley's kin will be able to revert back to their human forms. Hayley sent an invite via Josh to give to Eve out in the bayou. On hearing the news that Josh is still alive, she says, "Josh isn't dead yet? Oh, good on him. I love a nice survival story."

Unlikely Allies

Elijah seeks out Sabine, hoping she'll align with his family given she's helped them out before. He says that perhaps together they can avoid an unnecessary conflict. My, how the tables have turned. Sabine says a deal could be possible, but peace is out of the question as long as Klaus is in the picture. She brings up Hayley's baby and how that could be enough motivation for Elijah to run his brother out of the city. Funny, because that's the exact same leverage he used to get Klaus to stay in the first place.

Marcel visits Sophie and Monique. Sophie is convinced he's up to no good, but he swears all he wants to do is bring Davina back and not to take advantage of her powers. Monique senses that he's telling the truth, that he's loyal to Davina, and that he's there to help.

Casualties of War

Cami calls Klaus and tells him the news about her uncle, and he meets her at St. Anne's. She's bitter, too angry to forgive Kieran even though his days are numbered. Klaus freely admits that he's done some pretty unspeakable things, but Kieran lied to Cami strictly to try and protect her. Klaus tells her Kieran is a "good man with a loyal heart." He also says that this attack on her uncle by the witches is proof they are the enemy and, in that sense, they are united.

Cami hands over the knife to Klaus, telling him that it could cause pain and torment even to an Original. Cami says that if there's a war going on, she wants to be on the winning side. So even though her uncle is hexed, and the witches have made a strong comeback, she's still putting her money on Klaus. In return for her loyalty, he's going to do his best to save Kieran.

The Kegger

Night falls, and Hayley's relatives emerge. They are mostly handsome and male -- all are naked. One flirts shamelessly with chaperone Rebekah. Hayley finally meets the wolf who has come across her path on several occasions, and he introduces himself as Jackson. He tells her that their parents were of the same people but not the same bloodline (romantic interest alert). He tells Hayley that she was supposed to be his wife. Call it pack hierarchy or whatever, but who knew werewolves believed in arranged marriages?

A Witch Scorned

After spending the day together, Elijah confronts Sabine. While none of the rest of us may have seen it coming, Elijah's been following a trail of bread crumbs for a while. The big tell being when Sophie said there was no magic left in Celeste's remains. He sounds like Sherlock Holmes as he pieces together all of her dirty little secrets: her visions that caused Agnes' death guaranteeing the harvest ritual would be completed and controlled by her. Sad news, Halijah fans; despite her treachery, Elijah and Sabine still lock lips.

Making up is hard to do. Celeste is still holding a grudge over Klaus' blaming the witches for the city's escalating body count some 100 years, give or take, before. For Celeste, the fact that Elijah stood by his brother in spite of his lies did not go unnoticed. The kiss is a cover-up for an enchantment, but she has no plans to kill her former lover. She only wants to teach him the error of his ways.

A weakened Elijah is at Celeste's mercy. She wants to cure him of his devotion to his family. Don't we all? She's also determined to get revenge, so she forces Elijah to choose. He can save one of his siblings or Hayley, but not all three.

Klaus' Back-Up Plan

Klaus bleeds the vervain from Father Kieran so that he can compel him. He's not sure, but Klaus thinks that he can use mind control to break the hex. Klaus underestimates the powers he's dealing with because his plan doesn't work. He decides his next best bet is to locate the witch responsible, so he takes off leaving an increasingly testy Kieran alone with Cami.

Sophie uses a locator spell to try and help Marcel find the three witches in return for whatever she needs to get herself and Monique out of the city. Her power has been greatly weakened, but she is able to pinpoint one of the resurrected witches. Before she has a chance to finish, Klaus dashes in and takes off with Monique.

Klaus parades through the Cauldron with Monique. He threatens to kill her if they don't bring him the witch Bastianna. He is interrupted by Marcel, who reminds him of his rules that they don't hurt kids. Too bad that he's no longer in charge and unable to enforce this rule. A fight ensues between Marcel and Klaus, but Klaus snaps Marcel's neck and emerges the victor. That is, until Sophie drives the blade into his heart. It seems the weapon got dropped in the street during their scuffle. He collapses and Bastianna appears, telling Sophie, "She'll take it from here."

Meant to Be?

Jackson makes the most of the evening by giving Hayley a history lesson. The Crescents are werewolf royalty, dating back to one of two bloodlines (the original werewolves). New Orleans used to be ruled by the werewolves who lost their power due to infighting. The families united, and Hayley and Jackson became betrothed. It didn't matter in the end because they had no idea what they were up against, hence the curse. Hayley is now the last living member of her wolf family.

He tells Hayley she is the salvation for the werewolves. Jackson says Hayley's going to be the one to break their curse. This throws Hayley off balance since she has no idea what Jackson is talking about. He says a witch told Eve she was coming to the plantation tonight to set them free. I'm guessing this is all part of Celeste's grand plan.

Elijah's Choice

Sabine, Bastianna and Genevieve start chanting, and Hayley and Jackson find themselves trapped in the house as it catches on fire. Hayley calls Elijah, who has finally come to, and as predicted is too late to save his siblings and Hayley. While Klaus was getting daggered, Beks was getting screwed over yet again by a guy.

Elijah comes to Hayley's and Jackson's rescue. As he looks for Rebekah, he's confronted by the three witches. Sabine breaks it down for him: she's the only one who can break the curse on Hayley's family, Genevieve knows Rebekah's whereabouts and Bastianna has Klaus. She's only happy to point out that always isn't forever after all.

Elijah gives his brother a run for his money when it comes to being scary when he's mad, it turns out Cami may have picked the wrong side after all and Monique has returned from the dead with a very bad attitude.

The Originals airs Tuesdays at 8pm on The CW.

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