'The Originals' Recap: Every King Needs an Heir
'The Originals' Recap: Every King Needs an Heir
Jennifer Lind-Westbrook
Jennifer Lind-Westbrook
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On this week's episode of The Originals, Hayley's kidnapper is revealed. Klaus becomes jealous over Elijah's burgeoning affection for the mother of his child. A traitor is revealed. Rebekah may get her happily ever after. And the baby poses an unforeseen threat.

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Fight Club

As if Marcel isn't on enough of a power trip, this week we learn that he really puts his nightwalkers through the paces to become part of his precious inner circle (a lot of good it did Thierry) and earn a daylight ring. Marcel hosts a fight night and his "Annie orphans," as Rebekah calls them, try to impress him with acts of savage violence. Victory means basking in the light of Marcel's approval and possibly the sun.

Leave it to the Mikaelsons to put a damper on Marcel's fun. They crash the party in their usual dramatic fashion. Elijah, usually the more level-headed brother, orders Marcel to hand over Hayley, or they will kill everyone in attendance, starting with Marcel. The King of the Quarter admits to having seen Hayley earlier that night, but denies having anything to do with her disappearance. This begs the question, who did kidnap Klaus' baby mama?

Tyler the Terror

Hayley wakes up bound up in the back of a weathered SUV. She decides to do what she can to escape but is shocked when she finds out Tyler is her captor. Hayley screwed him over big time and was indirectly responsible for his mother's death, yet has the nerve to call him a backstabber.

Of all the inhabitants of Mystic Falls who could have showed up in New Orleans, I can say that Tyler is my least favorite crossover. The show has built some wonderful story arcs, and the secondary characters are evolving while the primary players are becoming more in-depth. Now, after months of running, Tyler decides he's got a vendetta against Klaus that requires his immediate attention.

Tyler's been in the area a while. Wise move to do your research if you're going to take on Klaus. He tells Hayley he's been doing some digging around in backwoods bayou country. He knows Hayley is pregnant, and he found out that her crescent-shaped birthmark means Hayley comes from a big-shot family, some kind of royalty to the werewolves of the region. He's taken her to some type of settlement which turns out to be what's left of Hayley's kin. Tyler tells her they yield no power because they've been hiding in the woods for decades avoiding any further persecution by vampires.

Paying for Past Sins

Marcel offers to help Elijah and Klaus by allowing Sabine to perform a locator spell. She tells them that Hayley is deep in the back country. Sabine says there are stories of exiled werewolves living in encampments. Klaus and Elijah now question whether Hayley was taken against her will or went in search of others more like herself.

The brothers go in search of the little wolf girl and find Tyler's car. Klaus recognizes Tyler's scent immediately. Elijah questions why Tyler would have any interest in Hayley. Klaus says he wants revenge because he went after Caroline. Elijah suspects this is the least of his brother's offenses. Klaus fills him in on his history with Tyler, which I will not go into great detail here other than to say that Klaus turned Tyler against his will, Tyler broke the sire bond he shard with Klaus and taught others of his kind to do the same. As punishment, he killed the traitors and Tyler's mother. 

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Green with Envy

Elijah's concern over what may lay in store for Hayley is rubbing his brother the wrong way. In Elijah's own words, Klaus treats her like an incubator. But Klaus is spoiled, and he doesn't like to share his toys even if he's done playing with them. He vows to kill Tyler Lockwood himself.

Mind Meld

Having figured out that Josh is a spy, he brings him to Davina. He doesn't feel it's right to break his own law by killing him, so he wants to flip him back to the dark side. Really, there is no good side in this bunch. Just varying shades of black and grey. Davina says she can erase the compulsion which enable Marcel to use Josh to his advantage.

The Hybrid Threat

Poor cable reception caused me to miss the next bit, and by the time the connection was restored, Tyler is drawing blood from Hayley's stomach and injecting it into the neck of a guy named Dwayne (Johnny Walter) who he then kills.

Tyler is conducting an experiment, and Dwayne is a willing sacrificial lamb. Tyler tells Hayley he's been running with wolf packs all over the country. This is presumably how he spent his summer vacation. One group in particular was tight with a witch who had nightmare visions about Hayley and Klaus' baby and how daddy could use its blood to create an army of hybrid slaves. Hayley doesn't believe it, and Tyler explains that's why he's there, to find out the truth. If it is, Klaus' theoretical army of lethal killers could take back New Orleans in a week.

Tyler proves conclusively that the baby's blood can create hybrids. When he breaks the news to Hayley, she asks Tyler to help her hide the baby from Klaus, to help her run. Tyler says he'll find her, take the baby and make more hybrid monsters. These slaves will do everything he says. Tyler moves menacingly toward Hayley, and she pleads with him to reconsider whatever it is he's thinking of doing. She buys herself enough time to stab him with a sharp piece of wood.

A calmer Dwayne re-enters the cabin and tells Tyler to get away from Hayley. Tyler tells the new hybrid he got what he wanted and he should get lost. Hayley says Tyler is going to not only kill her but him as well. She tells Dwayne he needs to stop him. The two tussle, but sadly, Dwayne doesn't get to enjoy any of the perks of his new identity since Tyler rips out his heart.

The poor guy's death serves one good purpose. Hayley is able to escape during the chaos. She runs into Elijah and the two share a prolonged embrace. Elijah says it's time for them to go home, but Hayley reveals there is something she has to tell him about the baby.

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Garden of Good and Evil

Beks and Marcel have a very different kind of physical interaction than the last time they were together. Rebekah feels used, rightfully so, and worries that if Klaus finds out it's her fault that Marcel found his way to the plantation, she'll suffer his wrath. Marcel tries to charm and flirt his way back on to Rebekah's good side. She says all it does is prove that he's the liar and manipulator that Klaus is. He asks her if that's what she really thinks, and she dares him to prove her wrong.

He takes her to "the garden" where he punishes vampires. He says a long time ago, it used to be something else. He shows her a sketch of a home he had designed to be theirs. He had already built the construction when she and her brothers fled. He haulted construction and waited for her to return. She points out that he could have come after her. He says she was with Klaus; he didn't know where, and he wasn't sure if she even still wanted to be with him. Rebekah tells him Klaus daggered her not long after their departure. She says her brother stole almost a century of her life.

Marcel tells her that Klaus will never allow her to be happy, a fact Rebekah came to terms with long ago. Marcel pledges his devotion to the love-starved girl and tells her he'll give her everything she's ever wanted. Beks says Klaus would kill Marcel in front of her eyes. He's done it time and time again. Weirdly incestuous habit, I would say. Marcel says they can get to Klaus first. Now things are taking a definite Lifetime movie turn.

Big Bad Wolf

Tyler searches for Hayley, but Klaus finds him first. A battle ensues, and it looks like Tyler is toast. But Klaus determines he would being doing Tyler a favor and decides to let him live, saying, "Death offers more peace than you deserve." He sends the whimpering canine on his way with one last message planted in his brain: "You are nothing to me."

The Lesser Brother

Elijah and Hayley confront Klaus regarding Tyler's accusations. Klaus gets indignant, which is laughable. Elijah questions when Klaus has ever demonstrated concern for Hayley or his child beyond his own selfish pursuits. This relationship takes sibling rivalry to dizzying new heights. Klaus neither confirms nor denies the accusation but says he'll play the role he's been given. Then he bites his brother, the death knell for any vampire.

It turns out, according to Elijah, that the bite will be nothing more than a nuisance. In the aftermath of Klaus' soliloquy, Elijah fears he may have been too quick to condemn his brother.

Klaus is slowly coming unglued. He's convinced his treacherous acts are mandatory to ensure his self-preservation. It's safe to assume his paranoia and threats will cause Rebekah to reconsider Marcel's offer.

The Originals airs Tuesdays at 8pm on The CW.

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