'The Originals' Recap: Enough Family to Last a Lifetime
'The Originals' Recap: Enough Family to Last a Lifetime
Jennifer Lind-Westbrook
Jennifer Lind-Westbrook
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On this week's episode of The Originals, Klaus' reign over the city gets off to a rocky start. Rebekah and Elijah head to the bayou at Hayley's request and discover something quite unexpected. Davina learns she's no longer in danger. And Klaus makes amends with his brother and sister.

Dinner at Eight

Klaus throws a dinner party to celebrate his second coming as the most powerful vampire in New Orleans. No big surprise that Rebekah and Elijah have been left off the guest list. Marcel is in attendance along with members of his inner circle. Rebekah has urged him to play the part of loyal subject, and Klaus will forgive him for ambushing him and trying to bury him alive.

Klaus has moved into the Quarter dragging Hayley with him, therefore plopping her in the middle of some very edgy vamps. Let's just say her surly attitude isn't doing much to ease their minds. Trying to drum up a little trust while simultaneously punishing Hayley for her crush on Elijah, Klaus tells the vamps that they should feel free to head out into the bayou and slaughter all the werewolves. Without any werewolves, he can't make hybrids.

Cami's Coming Undone

Cami continues to act as Nik's stenographer as he dictates his memoirs. They are interrupted by Marcel, who finds out that Cami knows he's a vampire but will forget as soon as she leaves. Why her uncle hasn't got a supply of vervane handy is a mystery. Marcel asks Klaus if he compelled Cami to go out with him. Klaus says he merely compelled her to give Marcel a chance and that anything she felt for him was real.

Cami, frustrated by Klaus' arrogance, decides to show Klaus the picture she found of him and Marcel when she wasn't under mind control -- her attempt to prove that she could outsmart him when he simply compels her to forget about the picture's existence. Here's hoping she made a copy or wrote something in her journal.

The Favor

Elijah, concerned that Niklaus will take his anger at his siblings out on Hayley, takes Rebekah on an embarrassingly easy rescue mission. Since she's been deemed under Klaus' protection, nobody can touch her, so the few vamp guards babysitting her don't prove to be much of a challenge. Elijah wants to get her somewhere safe, but Hayley's primary concern is the werewolves. She asks Rebekah and Elijah to help them. Rebekah isn't feeling heroic, but Hayley explains how she's spent her whole life wondering who her family was, and just as she finds out they are out in the bayou, Klaus orders them killed.

True Confessions

Marcel informs Klaus that the humans have called a meeting because they aren't thrilled with the new status quo. Klaus isn't the least bit concerned, but Marcel urges him that a little diplomacy goes a long way. Unless you happen to be a witch or a werewolf, that is.

Klaus decides to confess his misdeeds to Marcel in the interest of the two old friends making a fresh start. He admits to setting up Thierry and tells Marcel he can free him and invite him to the compound. Marcel recently learned how Klaus was using Cami as a spy. He also admits to compelling Josh from the beginning to get information but suspects Marcel already knows that since Josh led him into the ambush.

Klaus wants to keep Davina close, so he suggests moving her into the compound. Marcel says she can't leave the attic, that he already tried moving her once. Klaus informs him that Davina tricked Marcel so she could stay put and, in return, have access to Klaus' mother's spells.

Discovering the Truth

Cami isn't as stupid as she initially appeared. She arrives at her apartment where she has written little notes around the place to serve as reminders for any information she's gained while not under Klaus' mind control. Not only that, but she recorded her time with Klaus and is now figuring out that she's not crazy, but the city is crawling with werewolves, vampires and witches. Speaking of witches, where have they all disappeared to?

Marcel comes to move Davina, and she continues to play him until he admits he already knows about her deal with Elijah. He tells her she can't lie to him when he's trying to protect her. He points out the witches are still looking for her to complete the Harvest. He reassures her she's safer at the compound. Klaus shows up and brings Davina up to date on who's calling the shots these days.

Ground Rules

Klaus and Marcel attend a meeting at the church. Father Kieran says the humans are aware of the shift in leadership in the vamp community, and they thought it was time to make all the proper introductions. The mayor is present as well as the chief of police. Father Kieran says they just want assurance that this new development isn't going to endanger the city or its inhabitants. Kieran says that history has proven the two factions can co-exist peacefully, but if Klaus draws too much negative attention to the city, he'll be answering to them. Klaus' terms are pretty simple: he will not supplicate himself to anyone. End of meeting.

Declaring War

Klaus and Marcel are about to have a drink when Klaus receives a call from a member of the faction. He tells Marcel they've considered his terms and reached a decision. All of a sudden, the bar is under attack. These aren't the country mice of Mystic Falls.

In the aftermath of the attack, Marcel makes it clear to Klaus that this is on him. That the dead vamps on the floor are his responsibility. He says if Klaus plans to run the city, it better mean something to him otherwise no one worth a damn will follow him. Klaus is glad to see the true Marcel show himself as opposed to the yes man that Rebekah encouraged him to be. Klaus admits that he underestimated the humans, a mistake he won't make twice. He asks Marcel how he would council him now that they have been attacked. Marcel says they should go kill them all.

In Bayou, Not So Far Away

Rebekah and Elijah head out to the bayou to make sure Diego and the other vamps know that Hayley's clan is off limits. What's left of them, anyway. What few were left have scattered, and the only one still around is Eve.

Eve figures that Hayley sent Elijah and Rebekah and tells them to let her know that they are capable of taking care of themselves. Nobody finds them unless they want to be found. But with the word of a miracle baby spreading, and werewolves flooding into the state from far and wide presents a bigger problem. The newcomers won't know about the hunters or where to hide. Rebekah questions why they should care, and Eve responds that they are going to want them kept alive.

Rebekah and Elijah find more than they bargained for when they come across a young werewolf wearing a ring that their mother once wore. To make a long story much shorter, Beks and Elijah have found living relatives of Klaus' biological father.

Three Against One

Davina finds Josh hiding out on the compound, waiting for dark so he can scurry out of town before Klaus can invent new ways to torture him. Davina tells him that Marcel will protect him, and if Klaus tries to hurt Josh, she'll hurt him. Hayley, also lurking around in the shadows, introduces herself. Since they are all Klaus' prisoners in one way or another, she suggest they might be able to help each other out.


When Father Kieran finds out the other members of the faction attacked a club full of vampires, he warns them that they are going to start a war. They aren't overly concerned, obviously not up to date on their Originals folklore. The police chief tells Kieran this is the last time he calls a meeting, and the next time he wants to criticize their leadership, he can send an e-mail.

Klaus arrives stating he called the meeting, and then he and Marcel proceed to exterminate the members of the faction. Father Kieran is the last one standing and if not for Marcel's intervention, he might not have remained upright for long. The fact that he's Cami's uncle also works in his favor.

Rule as Equals

After murdering many of the city's prominent public officials, Klaus is feeling nostalgic. Klaus wants to be best buddies again. Marcel tells him that he has pledged his loyalty, but friendship has to be earned. Hoping to soften Marcel up, Klaus tells him of the witches' role in Klaus usurping Marcel's power. He admits that at first he didn't care about the baby, but then he remembered how he was treated by Mikael. Klaus swears he will not do to his child what was done to him.

Klaus' sob story and his attempt to pass the buck to the witches doesn't fly with Marcel. Klaus is forced to take responsibility for his own actions. He admits he was jealous of Marcel and the empire he created without his help, and he wanted it. Klaus knows he can rule, but he'll never get the love and respect that Marcel has. He asks him to rule with him, side by side.

A Runaway Witch

Hayley informs Davina that Agnes is dead. It's hard to keep up on current events when you live in an attic. Davina says that Agnes was the last living elder, and if she's dead, she's safe. She can't believe that Marcel wouldn't have told her. Hayley says that maybe he didn't want to lose his secret weapon against the witches. Davina says Hayley is lying because she wants something from her. Hayley admits that she wants Davina to lift the curse off of her people, but she wouldn't lie to her to get what she want. Hayley tells her she would just ask, and that's the difference between her and Marcel.

Josh turns up and confirms what Hayley told Davina. She tells him that she's not going to stick around and be their puppet. She asks him to get her out of the compound.

The Goodbye Girl

Just when Cami starts putting things together, Klaus makes a deal with her uncle that includes Klaus compelling her to leave New Orleans. He obviously wants her around -- even she realizes that. But the safety of the wolves and finding out more about his father takes precedence over romance.

One love affair ends, and another is on the verge of beginning. Klaus is learning to forgive without the benefit of a dagger, and there is one ticked-off teen witch running free in New Orleans.

The Originals airs Tuesdays at 8pm on The CW.

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