'The Originals' Recap: Elijah Tries to Unite the City
'The Originals' Recap: Elijah Tries to Unite the City
Jennifer Lind-Westbrook
Jennifer Lind-Westbrook
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In this week's episode of The Originals, Klaus leaves the running of the city to Elijah while he enjoys other pursuits. Marcel starts planning a coup. Jackson and Klaus strike a deal. And a new power player is introduced.

Since this is The Originals' first episode since beautiful Beks left town, it's time for Hayley to become more than an incubator. The show has always been a meat -- of a certain variety -- fest, and hopefully Rebekah's departure will secure the witches more air time and character development. I still find Cami void of any charisma, and I would have preferred Sophie Devereaux lived instead of the bottle-blonde mortal any day. Can any female character crawl out from Klaus' very large personality and find her own spotlight? A new face makes her debut this evening, so let's hope she has a fraction of Beks' acerbic wit and her mix of vulnerability and vixen.

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A City in Shambles

A month has passed since the Original sister left. Klaus is brooding but is channeling his emotions into painting. He's also having an affair with Genevieve, much to Elijah's disgust. 

Klaus has been spending too much time with his ginger that he's let the city fall into disrepair. Elijah tries to get his brother back on track, but Klaus is being particularly petulant. Not one to sit idly by and watch his family legacy go up in smoke again, Elijah takes matters into his own hands. He calls a meeting at St. Anne's and all the power players are there: vamps, witches and humans.

Things have fallen into chaos with each group acting independently and recklessly over the past month. It feels like I've missed an episode because exactly what issues plague the city aren't clearly outlined. Obviously, the witches are practicing magic freely, and I'm guessing vampires are feeding on whoever, whenever they choose. I'm also certain that the witches are enjoying some payback after being oppressed by Marcel for so long. Like naughty school children, those who can't get along will answer to Elijah.

Davina has not regained her mojo while Monique is more powerful and as b****y as ever. She calls Davina weak and says she doesn't belong.

Love Bites

Celeste's spell worked, and now the Crescent wolves are no longer cursed. Hayley is learning that having a family isn't all it's cracked up to be. Even though she freed the pack, not everyone is feeling grateful. Oliver (Chase Coleman) points out that Hayley has spent her time slumming it with humans and vampires. Not entirely true; she hung around hybrids as well.

Hayley has abandoned the compound, so it's "Ollie" who informs her that Elijah called some kind of power summit, but no werewolves were invited. Oliver says that the wolves are stuck out in the swamp while Elijah focuses on appeasing the other supernaturals and the humans.

Hayley hurries back to the Quarter to stake a claim for the werewolves. She tells Elijah there'll be no peace if they are excluded. Hayley questions if Elijah ignored the wolves because of her, but he tells her his immediate concern is alleviating the mounting conflict within the city's boundaries. He assures her that once he works out all of the kinks, and a peaceful co-existence between the warring factions is achieved, it will be expanded to include the werewolves. Hayley isn't about to roll over, and Elijah finds her interference exasperating. 

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A Vexing Hex

Cami barges into the compound to find Klaus and Genevieve together. Cami tells red to take a hike. She's incredulous that Klaus is keeping company with the witch that blackmailed her to dagger him.

Cami has come on behalf of  Kieran, whose mental health is deteriorating by the day. She urges Klaus to convince Genevieve to help, but according to him, all hope is lost. The hex may start as a spell, but it eventually alters the chemistry of the brain. In that case, couldn't a neurologist be of service? Cami refuses to accept this and says Klaus would feel the same if he had any concept of family.

Viva La Revolucion

Davina meets up with Josh to complain about her inability to practice magic and Monique's bad attitude. She blames Marcel for her current predicament. It just so happens Marcel's keeping his eyes and ears on Davina and hears the whole conversation.

Thierry shows up for some clandestine meeting where Marcel asks him to join forces. Thierry points out that Marcel has nothing, no weapons and no allies. Marcel can't even set foot in the Quarter under the watchful eyes of Elijah. Marcel tells his old friend that a battle is brewing, and while the others are distracted, he's going to take back his city. Despite Marcel's smooth talking, Thierry refuses to enlist in Marcel's army.


Elijah meets a powerful local citizen named Francesca (Peta Sergeant) who plans to take Father Kieran's seat on the supernatural city council. She promises Elijah that she could be a powerful ally. She's got the support of the mayor and the chief of police and tells him she thinks he'd find it beneficial to have her on his side. If not amenable, she warns Elijah she has the means to cause him harm.

Party People

Realizing that traditional negotiations are going nowhere, he seeks his brother's counsel. Klaus' advice is to throw a party.

Someone to Watch Over D

Marcel catches up with Josh. He tells Josh that if the summit falls apart, each faction is going to be looking for leverage to use against the others. Marcel says Davina has to be able to defend herself, even against her own people. Marcel makes it clear that Josh has to convince Davina to start doing magic again. So it's not that she can't but that she won't. Josh questions Marcel's motives, but the vampire claims his only concern is the young witch's safety. 

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It Isn't a Party Until Something Gets Broken

Elijah may have managed to gather together humans, vamps, witches and werewolves, but to what end? Diego's entire family was killed by werewolves, and he's wound tight and ready to strike. Elijah expresses some empathy but asserts that certain overtures have to be made to ensure some degree of peace. Problem is, everybody just wants the biggest piece -- of the pie, that is.

Elijah and Jackson exchange words, and the Original brother makes it clear that the werewolves aren't likely to be received with open arms. He also warns Jackson that if anyone  tries to dismantle the peace treaty he is painstakingly trying to negotiate, he will destroy everything that person holds dear. Too bad what they both hold dear is Hayley.

Klaus meets Jackson and appears to offer to make him a hybrid. Jackson, the alpha of his pack, wouldn't dream of tainting his bloodline with vampire blood. In an interesting twist, Jackson's rejection doesn't rattle Klaus. It's difficult to tell if his intention was even to offer Jackson the choice. He does question if Jackson would like to take back the city that was taken from him.

Klaus is actually looking out for his unborn child. He wants the family unity that exists among the wolves -- safety in numbers. Klaus claims that vampires are the antithesis of unity. Jackson warns Klaus that, though he might be ready to embrace the other half of his family tree, the feeling may not be mutual. Klaus assures him this will be the case once the wolves return to the Quarter.

Klaus pulls out the ring that Elijah and Rebekah procured while protecting the furry residents of the bayou. The ring turns out to be the werewolf equivalent of a daylight ring. So when Klaus told Jackson he could ease his pain, he didn't mean by turning him into a hybrid, he meant by giving him the ring. Now he has Jackson's full attention.

Diego and Ollie aren't able to behave and old grievances lead to a physical altercation. Elijah takes on the role as bouncer and tries to break things up. But it's two against one, and Jackson holds a stake to Diego's chest. Hayley steps in and makes a speech about the importance of creating a community. Otherwise, everybody might as well kill each other and get it over with.

I'm still a bit hazy on what Francesca's deal is, but with the influx of testosterone due to all the new werewolves running around, I'm open to giving her a chance. At least the overt infighting is on hold, hopefully in favor of more interesting storylines. Klaus remains skeptical of Elijah's treaty. After all, what fun is civility? All good plot twists are born out of chaos.

I hope Josh's intentions towards Davina are genuine, and that Cami and Marcel do not hook up again. Cami's crazy uncle is likely to soon be the least of her troubles now that she's on Genevieve's bad side. Marcel has his work cut out for him with only Thierry on his side. That vamp makes for a pretty lame ally -- just ask Beks. Oh wait, you can't.

A convoluted episode to say the least, but one thing is very clear: Klaus and Hayley's baby is going to need a very good nanny.

The Originals airs Tuesdays at 8pm on The CW.

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