'The Originals' Recap: Defeat the Hollow or Die Trying
'The Originals' Recap: Defeat the Hollow or Die Trying
Jennifer Lind-Westbrook
Jennifer Lind-Westbrook
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On this episode of The Originals, "A Spirit Here That Won't Be Broken," the Hollow gives Kol a task that pits him against Klaus and Rebekah, Hayley and Freya fight the Hollow and Hayley explores her feelings towards Elijah.

Davina is back, but her days are numbered as long as the Hollow remains public enemy number one. That's why the powerful witch has come up with her own little insurance policy. She has a totem which serves as a protection spell. She gives Kol the task of safeguarding said totem until she's done with his family. The Hollow warns Kol that if any harm comes her way, Davina will suffer with her.

Something Wicked This Way Comes

Hope can sense the Hollow is getting stronger. The usually boisterous streets of the Quarter are silent, as if the Hollow is draining the city of life. Hope is concerned that the ancient witch already got Elijah, and she knows the wicked witch is coming after the rest of them. Klaus tries to comfort his daughter by telling her how many metaphorical dragons he has slayed (a thousand years of being a dick means a whole lot of enemies), but Hope knows the Hollow is different.

Freya's pendant plan is literally falling apart. Even though Elijah's mind and the pendant are intact, the spell isn't going to hold for much longer. They need to resurrect Elijah ASAP or lose him forever. So far, nobody's had any luck destroying the Hollow, but Freya has a plan. Lebonair blood is the Hollow's Achilles heel, but Hayley's been dead too long, and her blood isn't strong enough. Freya wants to use the blood of the last-living Lebonair (Hope) to forge a new weapon.

Klaus and Hayley go through the motions of saying they don't want Hope involved, but that ship sailed a while back. Freya points out that Hope has been obsessed with the symbol that follows the Hollow -- the serpent consuming itself (Hope drew it constantly in the premiere.) Freya believes this symbol is the key to the Hollow's destruction -- her own blood. The Hollow is one end of the Labonair bloodline while Hope is the other. They need to close that loop. Then the Hollow will be obliterated completely.

Freya does some hocus pocus to figure out where the Hollow has holed up, and in the process discovers her enemy is using a totem to magnify her power and protect herself. Dahlia used to do the same thing when she was up to something especially awful. This totem means the Hollow can't be killed, so Freya informs Beks they'll have to destroy it before they can kill her. Rebekah calls Kol to help track down the totem, not realizing he's holding it in his hand.

Armed with a map pinpointing the totem's location, Rebekah heads out to destroy it and whatever acolyte the Hollow has protecting it. Marcel shows up unexpectedly offering his help (How did he know where to find her?). They encounter Kol who swears the totem is gone, he scoured the place. Rebekah isn't about to just give up, but she and Marcel soon discover Kol has used some dark magic to trap them inside the abandoned house. Rebekah questions why her brother would help the Hollow, but he leaves without offering a response.

A Very Wicked Witch

Davina urges Kol to destroy the totem, but he's determined to find a way out for Davina. She remembers that Elijah once gave her one of Esther's spells to break a magical link. Davina's too weak, but thinks they could find a coven to counter Inadu's spell (the Hollow). Kol knows exactly which spell and assures Davina they don't need an entire coven, just one little powerful witch. Kol makes Davina promise that if he isn't back by midnight, she'll leave New Orleans without him.

Hayley and Freya head to the LaForge Mansion otherwise known as the Hollow's lair. They are each armed with a dagger that has been touched by a drop of Hope's blood. Freya's having some second thoughts about fighting Inadu because of Keelin, but Hayley reassures Freya they will make it out alive. Hayley promises that she's got Freya's back.

When you're an all-powerful witch, you don't need an alarm system. Freya and Hayley barely have time to scope out the room and all the dead bodies before their hostess knocks Freya unconscious and snaps Hayley's neck.

Hayley awakens in the bayou where she's reunited with Jackson. Jackson tells Hayley she's suffering some kind of psychological breakdown. She's been through a whole lot lately, so her mind took her somewhere peaceful. Jackson is flattered he would be part of her happy place, assuming she'd be off canoodling with Elijah.

Jackson asks Hayley if Elijah is treating her well. She says he is, but she also confesses that when she first fell for Elijah, she was scared of Klaus and of being a mother, and E made her feel safe. Jackson points out that if safety is what Hayley wanted, she would have loved him. Hayley may have married Jackson, but her heart belonged to Elijah.

Jackson's demeanor changes, and he remarks that the monsters that treated Hayley like crap turned her into the girl who likes monsters. That's when Hayley realizes Jackson is stalling her. Hayley rips Jackson's heart out (literally) and wakes up shackled to a chair. In spite of being injected with tons of wolfsbane, Hayley is able to break her chains pretty handily. But Hayley still isn't quite herself. She's trapped inside a room, and she's still seeing visions of Jackson who tells her just how powerful the Hollow is before stabbing her. 

Freya wakes up with a bloody head wound and no back up. She wanders through the mansion and sees Keelin lying on the floor with her throat slit. Freya realizes it is one of the Hollow's tricks, but it's also a very clear threat.

Freya hears Hayley's screams but can't get past a boundary spell. The Hollow continues to screw with Freya's head using Keelin. She plays on Freya's biggest fear that Keelin will die.

Klaus is off in search of Rebekah and the totem, so Uncle Kol doesn't have anyone standing in the way of him getting to his niece. Hope is under strict instructions not to do magic with strangers and questions why Kol went away. He explains that he was sad and left so that he wouldn't make everyone around him sad too. All Hope has to do is mystically untie a magical knot, freeing Kol's girlfriend from the Hollow.

Oy with the Betrayals Already

Klaus finds Beks and Marcel and learns of Kol's betrayal. Rebekah uses Freya's map to track the totem and realizes their brother is back at the compound. Klaus rushes off, leaving Rebekah and Marcel trapped. The twosome bicker a bit about Sofya who is still not awake. Rebekah admits she's heartbroken in her own snarky way. Realizing they have more important places to be, Marcel exposes a gas line, and Rebekah lights a match, blowing themselves up ... but also free.

Klaus arrives back home and is intercepted by Kol who swears he has his reasons for doing what he's doing. Kol tries to explain, but Klaus tells Kol the Hollow is just preying on his weakness, using Davina to get him to betray his family. The two fight, and Kol insists that the Mikaelson's owe Davina another shot, but Klaus disagrees.

As Freya tries to free Hayley, Jackson tells Hayley that she saw the violence and rage in Elijah, but she fell for the suit, blinded by the charade. Hayley says he's not Jackson, nor does he deserve to wear his face. The vision changes into Elijah and begins to choke Hayley.

During Klaus' and Kol's fight, the totem falls out of Kol's jacket. Klaus immediately crushes it with his foot, freeing both Freya and Hayley from the Hollow's magic. Kol begs Klaus for mercy, asking for time to see if Davina is still okay, but Klaus responds that mercy is a courtesy extended to family, and Kol's status has been revoked. Kol gives it one last shot, asking what Klaus would do if their roles were reversed and it was Camille.

Davina shows up at Rousseau's to surprise Josh. She doesn't know how long she has, but she wanted to stop by and thank him for visiting her. She heard everything he said.

Hope works to undo the knot, as Hayley and Freya faced down the Hollow. Hayley pulls a Norman Bates on Inadu, Hope succeeds in her task and collapses.

When Hope comes to, she' isn't alone. She's locked inside a bedroom with that eerie blue light.

Rebekah and Marcel emerge from the explosion and fight about their rocky past. She's pissed he tried to kill everyone she loves, and he thinks it sucks Beks didn't mourn him after Elijah ripped his heart out. She asked him to leave New Orleans seven years ago, but he wouldn't go. She left for a century without as much as a postcard. Two centuries of serious dysfunction. All this bickering is an irresistible aphrodisiac because the two share a passionate kiss before parting ways.

Hello, Goodbye

Thanks to Hope, Davina is alive and well, but she doesn't want to leave him, and she doesn't have to because Kol arrives. The kindler, gentler Klaus strikes again. He let his brother go, and it looks like one Mikaelson is getting a happy ending. The two drive off....for now.

With the Hollow "gone," Freya prepares to bring back Elijah. Hayley decides to skip the resurrection in favor of drinking some beers at the bayou. She talks to Jackson (not a vision of Jackson, just a monologue meant for Jackson) and tells him that she knows what Elijah is but she loves him despite, or maybe even because, of it. She's a monster too. They've all done terrible things with the exception of Hope. Hayley wants to make sure her daughter stays innocent and pure. Hayley knows what she has to do, but she just has to be brave enough to do it.

Elijah is brought back, and Klaus tucks Hope in for the night. He promises to show her the city, stating that every princess should know her kingdom. Only this isn't his little princess anymore, Hope is the Hollow now.

What the hell happened to Vincent? Is he going to return more powerful than ever? Are you happy about Davina's and Kol's renewed love affair? What does Hayley think she has to do? Let us know what you think in the comments section below.

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