'The Originals' Recap: Does Everyone Survive the Showdown with the Hollow?
'The Originals' Recap: Does Everyone Survive the Showdown with the Hollow?
Jennifer Lind-Westbrook
Jennifer Lind-Westbrook
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In this episode of The Originals, titled "Queen Death," Vincent comes up with a plan to defeat the Hollow, Freya tries to figure out a way to save Elijah, and Klaus makes another sacrifice for his family.

Time is running out for our good-ish guys as the Hollow has gathered just about everything she needs to complete the ritual that will make her human again. Once she gets the remaining bone and kills Elijah (he's been poisoned by the rose thorns) -- whose whole sire line goes with him -- she'll be back. Elijah warns the Hollow/Sofya that she cannot possibly expect to torment his family and survive, but she's survived far worse.

Everything Dies

Maxine tells Vincent that more and more of the New Orleans witches are joining the Hollow, believing it better to side with the enemy before the enemy comes for them. These witches believe the Hollow's power is what they need to fight the vampires and take back the city. The peace that Vincent has fought for means nothing compared to gaining back control.

Speak of the Hollow, she's sure to appear. Sofya arrives at St. Anne's. She does have unfinished business with Vincent. She wants Vincent to pledge his loyalty.

Marcel has his vamps searching for Sofya, determined to get her back alive. Klaus arrives looking for Elijah. While Klaus teams up with Marcel, Freya performs a locator spell, but he's cloaked by magic.

Freya and Hayley notice that the jaw bone that Freya has placed inside a protected circle begins to rotate. Vincent shows up at the compound to report that the Hollow has Elijah, and she wants that bone by sundown, and if she doesn't get it, she'll come and take it.

Vincent has a plan. He proposes that Marcel hand over the bone and then stab the Hollow with Hayley's blood. Vincent will cast the spell that buries her. The Hollow plans to use Elijah's death to come back, and that opens up a window that Vincent can use to shove her back into the grave. The only problem with this plan is that it doesn't save Elijah, so Klaus isn't on board. In fact, the entire plan relies on Elijah's death. Vincent tells Klaus that Elijah is already dead, so why not make his death count for something?

Hayley insists that's not a call any of them get to make, especially not Vincent. Freya does have the antidote for Marcel's bite, but she isn't sure it will work against the power of the rosebush. Vincent points out that they're all missing the big picture. Even if they save Elijah, the Hollow is going to keep coming until she resurrects. And when that happens, it will wipe out the entire city in the afternoon. If they do things Vincent's way, they take her out while she's still a spirit. Elijah dies, but his death counts for something.

Klaus doesn't want to entertain Vincent's plan any further. Vincent reminds Klaus that the Hollow wiped out the Lebonair bloodline, and it already got to Hope once. This is Klaus' one chance, and he's willing to throw it away to maybe save his brother.

Freya believes there are always loopholes. She invites Vincent to study Esther's grimoires with her. Realizing Klaus doesn't intend to budge, Vincent agrees.

Vincent goes through Cami's logs, and even if they channel every dark object that she had, it wouldn't be enough to trap the Hollow. Freya isn't having much luck either. Esther had a ton of spills but none that involved trapping ancient spirits. Vincent recalls how five years earlier, he and Freya were in the same room trying to figure out a way to take out a different threat to the Mikaelsons, and she chose to take out Davina. What is he supposed to think now? Elijah's life is just worth more? The difference is that E is her brother, but if Vincent doesn't think she has regrets about what she did to Davina, he's wrong.

Vincent thinks they're just wasting their time trying to loophole themselves out of the inevitable. Freya refuses to give up, but Vincent doesn't think it's giving up. Elijah is 1,000 years old. How many lifetimes will be enough? How much longer will he feed off the blood of innocent people whose lifespans are just a fraction of his own?

Vincent tells Freya that her family has seen empires rise and fall. They've seen ages begin and end, and in spite of this, they fail to see the obvious: everything dies. Freya argues that she will not lose Elijah like she lost Finn. Then she has an epiphany. She can save Elijah using the pendant. Freya wants to try and place E's soul inside the pendant. It won't be easy. They'll have to find him, Freya will have to use all of her magic, and because he's been poisoned Elijah may not survive the process. Klaus offers himself up instead. This way, he gets to save his brother and his daughter.

The Softer Side of Klaus

There isn't much time for romance, but Keelin is still in the picture, standing by as Freya works her magic. Freya hopes the cure will at least slow the poison from the rosebush. Keelin questions how Freya plans to find Elijah. She's using Marcel's venom. The rosebush was born from Marcel's blood, which means it has the same magical signature. Freya might not be able to trace Elijah, but she can trace the thing that's killing him.

Vincent prepares the knife and instructs Marcel to stab Sofya directly in the heart. He reassures Marcel that it won't kill her; it will just drive the Hollow's spirit out. Vincent reminds Marcel that not only did the Hollow steal his girlfriend's face but it also took the only weapon that can kill him. Marcel swears he's ready for a fight.

Vincent and Klaus prepare to face the Hollow, and Vincent can't believe this day has come. As a kid, he heard stories about the evil Klaus Mikaelson but, finally, Klaus is living up to the potential Cami saw in him. Vincent believes she would have been proud.

Evil Reborn

Marcel finds Sofya. The Hollow questions if Marcel came to witness her rebirth or try and stop it. Marcel claims he didn't come to fight. He's jealous that she went to Vincent to make a deal. New Orleans is his city, so she should have come to him. Before pledging his undying loyalty, Marcel wants to make sure he gets Soya back. The Hollow agrees since the body will no longer be of use to her. In return, he'll give her the bone. They strike a deal, and the Hollow says that when this is all over, she might let Marcel live.

In the cemetery, Vincent tells Klaus that once he scratches with the thorns, he'll stake him. The Ancestors will help with everything else. But a few of the Hollow's acolytes arrive, and they've taken Maxine hostage. Marcel and Vincent attack the witches. They're able to save Maxine but not before one of the men throws the rosebush into the fire. Vincent can't complete the sacrifice without them.

As the Hollow begins the ritual, Marcel stabs Sofya in the heart and snaps her neck. Freya and Hayley find Elijah and quickly kill the witches guarding him. Freya begins to break the barrier surrounding him.

Marcel sits with Sofya's body, and the Hollow appears (blue light, puff of black smoke). She promises Marcel that she will build her kingdom on his ashes and knocks him unconscious.

Freya stops chanting. A strong gust of wind knocks the cure out of Hayley's hands, and the Hollow appears. Klaus shows up and orders Freya to get Elijah into the pendant. As the Hollow sacrifices Elijah, Freya races to save his soul, but the Hollow's magic blocks her. There's a burst of light, and everything goes quiet. Elijah looks pretty damn dead, and there's no sign of the Hollow. Freya has the pendant, but it's been smashed into several pieces.

Vincent gathers the witches at St. Anne's. He warns them that the spirit that has been haunting the city has been reborn in the flesh. There's a battle coming they aren't prepared for. There's a time to fight, and a time to survive. He orders all of the witches to leave the city and not return until he says it is safe. Maxine pleads with him to come, but Vincent is determined to put down the Hollow for good. She hands him the same totem she gave him before, hoping it will come in handy again.

Elijah has been tucked into a coffin for the time being. Freya reassembles the pendant but can't sense Elijah. She doesn't think the spell worked. Klaus refuses to believe that Elijah is gone. Freya tells him that she needs some time. Hope enters the room and asks about the pendant. She grabs Freya's shoulder, and there's a very brief montage of images that includes Hope and a red door. Together, they heard Elijah, so he's in there somewhere. Freya says E's voice sounded distorted and broken. She heard him screaming.

Sofya isn't awake. Vincent says that her mind was invaded by the most powerful witch in all of history, so there's no telling what she's going through. He also wants his journal back. Marcel reminds Vincent that this thing tempted him once before and questions if Vincent can resist it. Vincent doesn't know, but they really don't have any other choice. The Hollow is winning.

The Hollow is back, and it looks like all hell is about to break loose on The Originals.

Can Elijah be saved? Will Vincent cross over to the dark side? Let us know what you think in the comments section below.

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