'The Originals' Confirms Time Jump for Season 5 -- Who Will Play Hope?
'The Originals' Confirms Time Jump for Season 5 -- Who Will Play Hope?
Derek Stauffer
Derek Stauffer
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The Originals season 4 opened with a pretty significant time jump. Klaus was imprisoned for nearly half a decade, Hope grew from a young toddler to a 7-year-old girl and the Mikaelsons were scattered from New Orleans. Now The Vampire Diaries spin-off plans to do it all over again. EW reports that rumors of another time jump (this time an even bigger one) between seasons 4 and 5 are true. The Originals is jumping ahead and with the new time jump comes another new Hope.

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It's unclear exactly how many years The Originals will jump forward in time for season 5. A 17-year-old actress, Danielle Rose Russell, has been cast as a teenage Hope. It is therefore reasonable to think that the show will jump close to a decade, if not more, to match the actress' age. Russell is a relatively unknown actress but she does have a part in the upcoming Julia Roberts and Owen Wilson movie Wonder, based on the novel of the same name. 

It's also unclear what this means for rumors that a spin-off is in the works surrounding Hope. As was previously reported there was talk that The Originals season 5 would launch yet another spin-off in the universe that centered around a teenager Hope at Alaric and Caroline's boarding school. These reports began circulating before the season 4 finale where Hope did, in fact, enroll in the school. Now with Hope being aged up to a teenager, the chances of another high-school based series is more of a possibility than ever. 

Hope's adventures at the school will obviously be chronicled in some way during The Originals season 5. However, Originals executive producer and Vampire Diaries co-creator Julie Plec has expressed plans for the boarding school beyond it being just a piece of the background. In the aftermath of The Vampire Diaries series finale Plec explained, "While I love the world of the boarding school and all that it represents, that would be an entirely new show that I haven't even begun to think about, but the doors were not left open unintentionally. They're open with a hope, not a promise."

It's not a confirmation but it appears that Plec has ideas. It is just a matter if the audience will be there to watch them.

But what do you think? Would you watch a spin-off? Are you excited that The Originals is having another time jump? Is this one time jump too many? Is a teenage Hope a good or bad thing for the show?

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