ABC's 'The Nine' Returns Tonight
ABC's 'The Nine' Returns Tonight
ABC announced last month that it would be bringing back its critically-acclaimed but low-rated drama series, The Nine, and tonight, the first of the show's six final episodes will air on the network.

The series, which follows the story of nine survivors of a hostage standoff following a failed bank robbery, debuted last October on a timeslot following Lost.  Despite its strong lead-in, the show averaged a mere 8 million viewers during its initial run.   After only seven episodes, the network took The Nine off its schedule, and in March announced that it had cancelled the series.  As a result, the show was not included in the network's 2007 fall lineup, which was announced in May.

The first seven episodes of The Nine showed the characters attempting to resume their lives after their traumatic experience.  Along the way, the characters uncover certain truths about the bank robbery and their relationships.

The show's initial run ended with the episode, “Outsiders,” wherein Franny (Camille Guaty) discovers something disturbing while looking through Eva's (Lourdes Benedicto) things.  In addition, Jeremy (Scott Wolf) and Lizzie (Jessica Collins) reveal what happened between them during the bank robbery, while Nick Cavanaugh's (Tim Daly) ex-wife makes her way back into his life with her troubles in tow.

Picking up where the show left off in November, tonight's episode, “Turning Point,” will show eight out of the nine survivors being brought to the District Attorney's office to discuss the murder of the bank's security guard.  Also, the Mayor offers Kathryn Hale (Kim Raver) an endorsement for District Attorney, while Lizzie finds out about the Jeremy and Franny's relationship.

Although the series is returning, ABC Entertainment President Stephen McPherson said in January that since The Nine was not designed to conclude at the 13th episode, the central mystery- what really transpired during the hostage standoff- will most likely not be resolved.  A second season is also out of the question, especially now that some of the show's stars have already moved on to new projects.

The Nine returns tonight at 10/9c on ABC.

-Lisa Claustro, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
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