The Next Food Network Stars Shine or Burn Out
The Next Food Network Stars Shine or Burn Out
Let's meet the twelve chefs who are hungry to be The Next Food Network Star!   

We've got Doreen (the asian food rebel), Aarti (the fun one), Paul ("the funny guy"), Herb (the personal trainer), Brianna (a self-proclaimed diva), Tom (unemployed), Alexis (a ladies' man), Dzintra (crazy), Brad (the professional), Serena (the gorgeous Italian), Darrell/"DAS" (the bachelor) and Aria (the mom).

Right away, Bobby Flay entered the kitchen to introduce the show and the other members of the Selection Committee, Susie Fogelson and Bob Tuschman. Then Giada De Laurenti walked in to serve as a mentor and not, surprisingly, to poison Serena.

The Camera Challenge:

The contestants have 45 minutes to make a chicken and potato dish that represents "you on a plate." Then they have thirty seconds to talk about their dish and how it represents who they are.  ON CAMERA!  Almost everyone got too nervous. 
Tom and Das are the bottom two, Aria and Herb are the winners.  

Star Challenge:

Part One:  The contestants meet at Paramount Studios to shoot a promo for their Food Network show.

Part Two: The chefs will cater a six-course meal for "the ultimate celebrity chef"  (Wolfgang Puck, who you may know because he is a really famous chef). Aria and Herb are the team captains. Dzintra, experiencing eye pain, is sent to the emergency room.  

Aria's team, the gray team, presents first.  Dzintra gets a big F for this challenge, but has her depth perception back.
Herb's team, the black team, presents second.  Alexis's beignets are deemed inedible by Wolfgang Puck.

The judges selection committee gives the gray team (and Aria) the win.  So someone from the black team will be . . . de-selected.  Alexis, Doreen, and Das are in the bottom three.  Alexis is out, and thereby proclaimed Just Another Food Network Gas Giant.

Check back with us tomorrow to see the Top Five Cringe-Worthy Moments from tonight's episode!

(image courtesy of Food Network)