'Food Network Star' (Possible) Spoiler: 3 Reasons Why It's True, 3 Reasons Why It's Not
Matt Click
Matt Click
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WARNING: This article contains possible spoilers for Food Network Star. I stress possible because I don't think this "leaked information" has any real bearing whatsoever. But still, if you would rather not have the possible winner of Food Network Star revealed to you, then I would click away from this page right now. I'm serious. Go away.

Are they gone? OK, good. Let's talk spoilers.

Food Network Star is a whole new beast this season. We've got drama, meltdowns and feuds aplenty, and we have one woman to thank for all of this: Penny Davidi. Love her or hate her (seems like most of the audience leans towards hate), you have to admit that she's made this season pretty damn entertaining to watch. Personally, I'm fairly well fed up with her games, but I also can't deny that Penny Davidi's antics have likely boosted ratings and fan response astronomically for Food Network's summer reality competition.

Despite this, it seems as though most fans of the show are flat-out refusing to watch a Middle-Eastern Mama program on Food Network, based purely on Penny's villainous behavior over the course of this season. Hell, most of the discussion on our FNS Insider Facebook page revolves around Penny's antics.

Which is why this rumor is so ... weird. And unsettling.

According to Reality TV Magazine, Penny Davidi is the season 7 winner of Food Network Star, and the recipient of a contract for her very own show on Food Network.

Anyone remember last year when it was leaked that Aarti Sequeira had won season 6 of The Next Food Network Star? And then that was true? Well, I think this year might be a little different. So let's talk about that. Here's three reasons why Penny Davidi winning FNS makes sense, and three reasons why I think it doesn't.

Why Penny Wins: Reason #1

This has happened before.
As stated, last summer, only a few episodes into The Next Food Network Star's sixth season, it was leaked that Indian chef Aarti Sequeira had won the whole thing. Many filed that rumor under "B for bullsh*t," but it turned out that, yeah, Aarti had, in fact, won the whole thing. And somebody at the network let that slip a little early. So it's not too far-fetched to believe that such a leak might happen again.

Why Penny Doesn't Win: Reason #1

Well, this has happened before.
And Food Network knows that. Not only would the network be a lot more careful with its information this time around, but it is also well aware of the effect Penny is having on the viewers. The effect is colloquially known as disgusted hatred. What better way to drum up interest in their headlining program than to let slip that Penny the Destroyer will win the whole thing?

Why Penny Wins: Reason #2

The judges don't pay attention to anything. Has anyone noticed that not a single judge has called Penny out on her scheming? Or that even when Penny has outbursts right in front of the panel, like on Sunday, the judges say nothing about it? They'll get on everyone else for their personalities, but won't come out and tell Penny that she's a vile harpy. Is it so hard to imagine them continuing this behavior throughout the season, ignoring Penny's machinations up until the final two? They absolutely love her Middle Eastern Mama thing. If the judges aren't aware of Penny's selfish, cutthroat nature, then what reason do they have to eliminate her (other than her burnt mac-and-cheese)?

Why Penny Doesn't Win: Reason #2

Her show's Facebook page hasn't been taken down. Given that Food Network has weathered information leaks in the past, wouldn't it make sense that the Facebook page for Penny's supposed show, entitled The Simple Palate, would be taken down faster than any of us could blink? And check out who started it ...Penny's daughter. Who seems to have vacated the page since, and there are no admins left. Something is amiss, don't you think?

Why Penny Wins: Reason #3

Food Network has a history of putting terrible people in charge of horrible shows. Think about how many TV chefs you can actually stand to watch. The number's probably pretty low, right? For me, it's less than five. Food Network has a long, illustrious history of horrid, horrid shows. Putting Penny on TV wouldn't be the worst thing they've ever done, and it wouldn't be out of character at all. Sure, we all see Penny Davidi for what she really is, but Bob Tuschman and Susie Fogelson see things in dollars and cents.

Why Penny Doesn't Win: Reason #3

She's clearly not one of the frontrunners. Orchid, Jeff, Jyll, Whitney. These are contestants that have remained consistent, taken the judge's critiques to heart and excelled at Star and Camera Challenges. So we have to think: between now and the end of the season, what happens to Orchid, Jeff, Jyll and Whitney, and why the hell would Penny surpass them? Logically, it just does not make sense.

What do you all think? Does it make sense that Penny Davidi might win Food Network Star? Leave your comments below, and be sure to check out our Facebook Insider page!

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