'The Mindy Project' Roundup: Teasers from TCA, Casting Updates and An 'Office' Reunion
'The Mindy Project' Roundup: Teasers from TCA, Casting Updates and An 'Office' Reunion
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This fall, Mindy Kaling will headline her own FOX TV show, The Mindy Project, after  eight years of playing customer service representative Kelly Kapoor on NBC's The Office, where she also served as writer and producer. The new comedy series revolves around Kaling's character, an OBGYN named Mindy who desperately hopes to find movie-type love. At the same time, the series also puts the spotlight on Mindy's pursuit of becoming a well-rounded perfect woman while tapping on the storylines of the people around her such as the self-absorbed Jeremy Reed (Ed Weeks), hothead Danny Castellano (Chris Messina), and the blunt and funny Gwen Grady (Anna Camp). Check out what Kaling revealed about The Mindy Project at the Television Critics Association conference, including her return to The Office.

On Her Character Mindy:

According to Kaling, part of Mindy's pursuit of love is her transformation to an ideal woman so she can attract the ideal man. "She's not unlike [The Office's] Michael Scott in some ways," she said during the TCA session. "She wants to be a better person, a better catch, a better friend. She wants to read more books instead of magazines. She wants to get her life together."

On Mindy's Love Life:

As expected, The Mindy Project will feature several love interests for Mindy. "In the pilot, Bill Hader is my ex. I go on a date with Ed Helms. I get to make out with this guy [Weeks]. I may get to make out with this guy [Messina]. Getting to do that is really awesome," Kaling teased.

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An Office Reunion:

Aside from Ed Helms, who plays Andy Bernard on The Office, Kaling will also be reuniting with Office co-creator Greg Daniels as he is set to direct an episode of The Mindy Project. Meanwhile, Kaling will be reprising her role as Kelly Kapoor in attempt to give closure to her storyline on The Office. "I'll definitely be in the first episode next season and probably at least one other one too, which I'm really excited about," Kaling confirmed. "I got attached to that character. It's fun top see what's going to happen to Kelly." In another interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Kaling revealed how she'd like to see her story wrap up. "I'd always thought that Kelly was probably the person on The Office who was the most into reality television," she said. "I always thought she would audition for American Idol and move to L.A. under some feeling that she would become a big star and it would all blow up in her face spectacularly."

Additional Casting for The Mindy Project:

According to Entertainment Weekly, The Mindy Project has also added Gossip Girl actress Amanda Setton as the tenacious Shauna Dicanio, Glee actor Stephen Toboloswky as Dr. Marc Schulman and Ike Barinholtz as enthusiastic male nurse Morgan Tookers.

The Mindy Project will kick off on Tuesday, September 25 on FOX but the series will debut online for free beginning Monday, August 27 on the show's Facebook page, Yahoo!, FOX.com, Hulu, AOL.com and Xfinity.com.

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