'The Mentalist' Recap: House of Cards
'The Mentalist' Recap: House of Cards
The Mentalist has finally returned after a few weeks off and that means that there are mysteries afoot. The CBI team has their hands full with finding out who killed a dirty divorce lawyer (is that redundant?) while Jane has to keep the fact that Red John is still alive a secret.

Shark Bait

They say that a great way to get a viewers attention is to start with a bang, and that's exactly what happens in San Francisco. The CBI team is called in to investigate death threats against power divorce lawyer Alton Krieg, and when they arrive at some boat docks to meet him they are greeted by a boatsplosion. If that isn't bad enough for Krieg, the remaining chunks of his body are soon devoured by a shark. This seems like it will be a case full of intrigue, and I wonder if Jane's recent amnesia will get in the way. Wait, that isn't mentioned a single time so I'm assuming that a medical breakthrough occurred since the last episode.

Back in the office, Cho meets with Summer, the hottest CI ever, who knew Krieg through her brief career as a hooker. She tells Cho to talk to Lawrence Dirsch, Krieg's partner, who got in an argument which resulted with a dead pig's head left on Krieg's front door. While Cho is talking to Summer, Agent Darcy talks to Jane and Lisbon about Panzer's death and the Red John implications. Jane says that he is sure that he killed Red John and it must have been a copy cat.

Peeping Tom

Cho and Rigsby find Dirsch at a company party the next day, but before they can ask him any questions they are stopped by Collette Santori who is acting as Dirsch's lawyer. She schedules an interview for the next day and drops some lines about how dating isn't allowed in the office. Red flag, anyone? The next day Dirsch comes in and says that he loved Krieg and that they argued about money. They show him the picture of the pig's head left on Krieg's door and says that it was really icky (my words, not his.)

The night before the interview, Van Pelt is in the office and sees that someone was uploading video's on her network. She has Jane watch it with her and it is someone who was stalking Darcy. Jane knows that it is Red John but keeps that to himself. Darcy should probably get her hearing and vision checked, because I would have noticed a guy ten feet away from me with a camera outside my hotel room. Luckily, I'm usually the guy with the camera secretly filming women so I don't have to worry about things like that happening to me. They find Darcy safe at her apartment after kicking down the door. She says she'll be fine and they leave through a fixed and unbroken door. Movie Magic!

May the Odds Be Ever In Your Favor

Yeah, that's a Hunger Games reference, what're you gonna do about it? Lisbon and Cho are going through Krieg's finances and find that he has a bit of a gambling problem and is in trouble with local "crime boss" Brock Marx. Lisbon also notices a strange expense every week for $127.68 and asks Cho what he thinks about it. Cho responds with an Olive Garden Joke Brought To You By Olive Garden. Cho and Summer then go undercover in the illegal gambling house where Marx is to bring him in for questioning. Summer uses her seductress skills and helps get Marx arrested.

Old Wounds Opened

Jane and Lisbon are then informed that Tom Maier, father of Panzer's first victim, killed himself. Jane gets to work on a plan to keep Darcy safe from Red John and still maintain that he is dead. First, Jane buys a garden knife from a hardware store and then goes to the SFPD station to check out Panzer's file. After that he plants Maier's prints on the knife. The final step is forging a suicide note and leaving it in the Maier's house. Why, you ask? Isn't it obvious? He's clearly going to eat Tom's body to gain his powers.

It turns out he was making it look like Tom killed Panzer in an act of revenge, then killed himself. Nothing like calling an innocent dead man a killer to help the situation. Darcy buys the story and then leaves town, never to be seen again.

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

Jane, in between his framing of Tom Maier, also found out that Krieg was spending the $127 on roses every week that he was giving to Santori. She wanted to have his babies, but he was having no part of it. Like other crazy ex's, she decided to put a pig's head at his door and then blow him up instead of moving on. I hate when that happens.

The Mentalist is back and that means that we can all secretly wish we worked with Patrick Jane again. Not a bad episode, except for the fact that they would hop from San Francisco, to Sacramento, to Fresno in no time flat. But who am I to complain? Do you think that Jane will actually get Red John before this season ends?

Chase Gamradt
Contributing Writer

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