'The Mentalist' Recap: Death and Some Booty
'The Mentalist' Recap: Death and Some Booty
Calm down everyone: I'm talking about pirate booty! In this week's Mentalist, Jane and the CBI team are called in to investigate the death of a local surfer who may have found some pirate treasure and paid for it with his life. Can they solve the crime, or will they have to walk to plank?

Crabby Patties

Jane and Lisbon show up on the coast and talk to Chief Anson, the local police chief, along with Vicki and Tark, the roommates of Jay, who has recently disappeared. Lisbon questions them about Jay's disappearance and why Tark has such a stupid name when Jane follows some crabs to the corpse that is literally 15 yards from where the chief of police is standing. If you can't smell a rotting corpse, then you have no job being a police officer. Jane and Lisbon then go to Jay's former bosses Greta and Greg, who are salvage divers. It turns out that Lisbon was once engaged to Greg (awkward). Greg, played by Kenny Johnson, makes the second former Shield actor to appear in this season, which makes The Mentalist awesome via TV osmosis.

Cho and Van Pelt go to Jay's house and meet Lance, the landlord, and Jeter, Jay's other roommate. If you are living with people named Tark and Jeter, you may want to reevaluate your life decisions. They find out from Jeter that a boat was seen coming into the bay when they were surfing before Jay died.

White Lightning

While Jane is learning about the finer points of salvage diving from Greg (basically that it isn't treasure-hunting) Cho is at Jay's doing another search. Cho finds that Jay had cocaine hidden in his air vents with a lightning bolt logo on the bags. Lance also lets slip that Jay was planning on living on his boat. That leads the team on the search for Jay's boat. Cho gets a call from Summer and tells her about the cocaine. He tells her not to look into it, but I doubt that will do any good.

Instead of listening to Cho, Summer goes out and finds Tooki, who happens to be the guy who sells the lightning cocaine. While Tooki isn't looking, Summer steals a bag, which causes her to get beat up. Oopsies.


Cho, after finding out about Summer, goes on a rampage and beats the living daylights out of Tooki. Afterwards, Rigsby learns that Tooki wasn't involved in the murder because he was in police custody during the time of death. Oh well, at least he got Summer some screen time.

Back on the goes to an old sailor bar after talking to Chief Anson who is writing parking tickets. Parking tickets? This guy is the worst chief of police in America. Lisbon meets him in the bar where he is being serenaded with the story of the Fremont, which was lost at sea with millions of dollars of gold on board. The old sailor shows Jane a gold coin he found in the search for it, but says that was all he found. Jane then tells Lisbon that he believes Jay and a partner found the Fremont and the partner killed Jay. They leave the bar and find that Lisbon's car is being towed. They jump in the tow truck and find Jay's boat in the impound. Inside of the boat is Greg, which doesn't make him look too good. Knowing The Mentalist though, I'm already positive he isn't the killer.

Extra Curricular Activities

It turns out that Greg was in the boat cleaning up fingerprints left by his wife, Greta. Lisbon goes to talk to Greta and learns that she was having an affair with Jay. She went into the bay in her boat to talk to him and break it off, then came clean to Greg who wanted to cover her tracks so she wouldn't be a suspect.

Jay goes back to the bar and steals the gold coin from the old sailor and sets to work on his master plan. He goes back to Jay's house and has the police search for the rest of the treasure. He tells the other people involved that Jay found the treasure but moved it, and then was killed by his partner. Afterwards, Lisbon and Jane stake out the house and wait for the killer to appear. Luckily, a person and a hoodie appears, which if I have learned anything about the Trayvon Martin case means that they are guilty.

Caught Gold-Handed

They followed the hooded person to the beach and find Lance with a case full of gold coins. It turns out that he and Jay found the ship and decided to split the coins. The next day he saw Greta and Jay arguing on the beach and thought that Jay was spilling the golden beans about the treasure so he killed him.

The episode ends with Cho taking Summer to the train station to send her back to Seattle to start her life over. The swelling music makes it sound like this is supposed to be emotional, but the guy who plays Cho is a terrible actor so it all falls flat. Oh well, at least they tried.

This episode seemed very underwhelming, but I guess they are just trying to make next week's return of Red John seem so much more impactful. Either that, or this was simply a bad episode. Oh well, these sort of things happen. It's best to accept what has happened and move on.

Chase Gamradt
Contributing Writer

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