'The Mentalist' Recap: Cult of Personality
'The Mentalist' Recap: Cult of Personality
On this week's episode of The Mentalist, Jane and the team need to get to the bottom of a murder where the main suspect is the leader of a cult. Can they get the answers before they are all brainwashed into believing in reptilian overlords? Let's find out!

Investigative Journalism

The CBI team is called out to the murder of Gabriel Meadows, who was working against the vicious cult known as Visualize. The crime scene shows that Meadows was killed, and his laptop was stolen, then the scene was cleaned. Jane suspects that a second person cleaned the scene and starts using Visualize rhetoric to find out one of the officers on the scene was a cult member. He tries to run and is arrested.

The officer's name is Downs and he refuses to talk to Lisbon in the office. Bret Stiles, the leader of Visualize, comes into the office and has Downs admit that he cleaned the crime scene but it was no ordered by anyone in the cult. It is found out that Meadows' sister was still in Visualize and because of that he was investigating the death of the cult's original leader in the seventies. Stiles says that he was at a restaurant during the time of the murder, feasting on lamb and washing it down with Kool-aid, which is recommended by 4 out of 5 cult leaders.

Bloody Clothes

Van Pelt and Cho were assigned the enviable task of combing through the garbage for clues. Another officer shows them clothes that were covered in blood and hidden inside of a broken TV. It turns out that these clothes belong to Stiles. They could tell because they were made of a special alien space technology used by Lord Flagbard. I'm assuming that this is the deity Visualize believes in.

Lisbon and Jane go to the headquarters of visualize and interrupt dinner. Lisbon tells Stiles that his alibi checks out and that he was seen wearing the clothes found in the dumpster the day of the murder. They try to take him into custody, but the hive mind of Visualize decide to show how creepy they can really be while trying to intimate Lisbon. In the office, Stiles says that he wants his lawyer and denies any wrong doing. As soon as his lawyer arrives, Stile immediately starts acting frantic and worried. I blame it on a missed auditing session.

Campus Visit

Lisbon takes a visit to Visualize's college campus, which luckily isn't on a boat in the middle of the ocean, to talk to Meadows' sister. At the campus she meets the school's Dean, Nora Hill. Lisbon learns that no one on campus knows about Stiles' arrest because there is no internet. This is reason enough to never join a cult, no matter how cool Tom Cruise is.

Jane goes back to the Visualize Headquarters and runs into Leman, one of Stiles' lieutenants. He tells them that Stiles has a message for his Inner Circle and has him call a meeting. All the while, Van Pelt is starting to get hypnotized by Stiles' charisma. Oh sweet, vulnerable, weak minded Van Pelt.

Meeting of the Minds

At the Inner Circle meeting, Jane asks who is in charge now that Stiles is locked away. He is told that a meeting is being held the next day to keep Stiles as leader, and they still believe in him. Jane then goes back to the office and starts his plan. He has Stiles lawyer called and then gets to work on manipulating evidence. When his lawyer arrives, they show him a picture of Stiles leaving the scene with blood on his clothes. The lawyer leaves and Jane has Stiles admit that he framed himself to see who would try to take power to find the killer. That's a great plan that had no way of back firing. Good thinking Stiles.

Under New Management

The Inner Circle holds a meeting to elect a leader, and the winner is a man named Jason Cooper. He is voted almost unanimously, the only hold out was Nora Hill. As soon as Cooper gets the power, it is taken away from him. Stiles comes back and Jane finds out that Hill did not vote against, so obviously she is guilty. If you are confused by the workings of this case, you aren't alone. This whole thing was sloppily written and was a struggle to get through.

When I hear Cult and Malcolm MacDowell in the same sentence, I expect a lot more than was shown tonight. I guess they can't all be zingers, so here's hoping things finally start picking up again soon.

Chase Gamradt
Contributing Writer

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