'The Mentalist' Recap: Catch Me If You Can
'The Mentalist' Recap: Catch Me If You Can
On this week's episode of The Mentalist, Jane and the CBI team have to find a serial killer who may be right under their noses. Speaking of serial killers, whatever happened to Red John? I'm sure we won't have to worry about that guy again.

Another Serial Killer

The episode opens with the dead body of a young girl found in a park. It looks like someone slit her throat and put rocks on her eyes. My first suspect would be a homeless guy who watched Boondock Saints too many times but didn't have any coins to spare. It turns out that this is the fifth victim of the San Joaquin Killer, who has to have the most boring serial killer name ever. I bet he'd be made fun of at all the serial killer conventions by BTK (Bind, Torture, Kill), the Zodiac Killer and the Unabomber. Anyways, The find a list of old suspects and Jane tells her to do the most court admissible way of find out who the killer is by making an uneducated guess at who she thinks it is. The unlucky chosen one is Richard Haibach.

Lisbon tries to talk to Richard at his house, but he is understandably not pleased with the intrusion. It's not against the law to be creepy, so just leave the guy alone. Back at the station, Jane runs across his old television pal Karen Cross who is busy interviewing Wainwright and a man named James Panzer who is supposed to be a SJK (this is how I'm typing it now, I'm too lazy to type San Joaquin Killer over and over again) expert who has followed the case.

Search and Seizure

Jane has a sit down with Panzer, who I don't trust simply because his name is a feared part of the Nazi war machine, to talk about his involvement with SJK. Panzer says that he became obsess with the case and is trying to help the families find the perpetrator. Panzer is so serious that he started a blog about it. What a nerd, who blogs? Wait ... Anyways Panzer says that SJK kills for the thrill of murder not press notoriety.

Lisbon decides to go back to Haibach's with Van Pelt, this time armed with a warrant. While Lisbon watches over a nervous looking Haibach, Van Pelt finds a dark room filled with photographs of young girls. That's never a good sign. Lisbon then notices that Haibach is trying to burn photos in his fireplaces and tries to save them.

Old Wounds

In the office, Van Pelt is searching through the pictures, but none of them are of the victims. Haibach is using that pesky Fifth Amendment for his protection, so Lisbon is getting nowhere. Jane decides to call Panzer to see if he can learn more about SJK. Panzer doesn't think that Haibach is SJK because he is too stupid. I'd have to agree with Panzer's assessment of Haibach.

The two go to the talk to the family of SJK's first victim, and it is pretty depressing. I mean, cheer up people. Who died? Oh, that's right, it was your daughter. Jane checks out the girls room and finds a DVD of a dance practice that the victim's dad and him watch. Of course, it's set to What a Wonderful World by Louis Armstrong, because that's exactly what that dad needs to watch right now. Jane and Panzer go back to Panzer to look at files when Jane turns on Panzer's iPod. The first song is What a Wonderful World. Yeah, that's not a red flag or anything.

Victim #6

Jane is called out to another SJK victim. He is starting to think that the killer is getting more bold and press hungry so he obliges by talking to Karen Cross who is at the scene. He slyly tells her that they have a suspect and will arrest him that night, and it is one of the original suspects. Wainwright tells Jane they need to catch the killer or lose the case to the FBI so Jane puts his plan in motion. He then goes to talk to Panzer and let him know they caught SJK and that it was stupid, perverted Haibach all along. Jane then waits with Lisbon outside Panzer's house. Of course, Panzer comes out and leads the two to a creepy abandoned ware house. They follow him inside and find him giving Karen Cross an interview about SJK's kill room which was inside. It looks like Panzer was onto them the whole time.

Swift Justice

The next day, Lisbon and Jane find out that the investigation is being taken over by the FBI and Special Agent Darcy. It's good to see that Darcy was able to continue her law career after having to deal with Vick Mackey. Jane tells them that they should concentrate on Panzer.

That night, Panzer is on Karen's talk show when he finds out that Jane is going to appear as a special guest. Jane goes on and on about how SJK is a stupid idiot who has no friends and is probably a sad virgin while Panzer says that SJK is a genius and greatest killer EVAR! Laying it on a little thick there Panzer? Jane then adds insult when comparing SJK to Red John. Panzer then decides to go on a rant against the idiocy of Red John. After the show, Jane is called out to a crime scene at the ware house. Outside is a dead Panzer along with a Red John symbol.

Not a bad episode, but CBS promised me the most intense episode of the season last week. You set the bar a little too high there CBS. On next week's episode more mysteries are solved and...stuff. I missed the promo so I'm guessing it has to do with murder.

Chase Gamradt
Contributing Writer

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