'The Lying Game' Recap: Murderer in Phoenix
'The Lying Game' Recap: Murderer in Phoenix
Oh, how I love The Lying Game. I have read the books and watched every single episode since the show first aired on ABC Family and not one episode has left me not wanting more. The episode tonight was no different. And I love how this show actually gives you answers to the questions that arise on the show and in your mind at home. The episode tonight, titled "Dead Man Talking," revealed the "snake" guy, who lured Sutton into the lake, and there's someone else lurking around town - well, not really someone else, but in fact, a murderer. Here's more...

Who Attacked Sutton?

Believe it or not, Derek. Yea, yea. We already knew that, right? But still. The truth came. It was finally revealed that it was Derek who was in the back seat of Sutton's car. It was Derek who attacked Sutton and ultimately caused the car to go off the pier into the lake. While he was obviously doing the dirt work of Alec, I doubt that he is actually going to come out and tell anyone that. I mean, I'd be a little afraid of Alec myself! However, that's not the real reason that he won't be telling anyone - at the end of tonight's episode, Derek is found dead!

So, Who Killed Derek?

God knows! Was it Alec? Ted? Or maybe even Rebecca? Well, regardless of who did it, it is Ethan that is getting the wrath from the kid's death. Ethan is the target of the Phoenix police department as the murderer of Derek. While he has been able to get through past troubles thanks to his brother, I don't think it's going to happen this time. The team better get to work fast, putting emotions and issues aside if they want to save Ethan and find out who really killed Derek.

Justin Gets Competition

As expected, another guy has come into the picture for Laurel. His name is Baz. While the name may be a little odd, it may be good for Laurel to move on past Justin with another guy. At the very least, he can be a guy to have some rebound fun with! Oh, and just in case you didn't know, Baz, in real-life with the name of Adam Brooks, is actually musically intelligent just like in the show, as he is part of Allie Gonino's band, The Good Mad. However, the problem is that Justin is damn good looking!

Window Shopping for Rings

While no question has been popped to anyone, there is a single lady in Phoenix that went shopping for rings tonight. Does Rebecca think Alec is going to ask her to marry him? Sure, they have some heated chemistry, but I just don't see Alec settling down especially considering he has so much going on right now.

Emma and Thayer? Wait, What?

Well, I know it sounds crazy, but Emma and Thayer spent some quality time together. They played video games - how lovely! While it may not be the most romantic thing ever, the two did look pretty cozy with one another. And when you think about it, there's gotta be some kind of twist in the plot for Emma and Thayer looks the perfect opening if you ask me!

Stacy Smith
Contributing Writer

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