'The Lying Game' Recap: I'm Not Sutton!
'The Lying Game' Recap: I'm Not Sutton!
Really Emma? Was it time to finally tell someone that you aren't who you say you are? Well, apparently, she thought so, and so did the writers of The Lying Game, because the beans were spilled tonight.

Ethan Goes to the Reservation

Ethan and Sutton travel to Ethan's home - the reservation - full of horses, a ranch home, and his father, who just so happens to be Jacob's dad from Twilight. And his father isn't too thrilled about Ethan's company. Sutton finds out about Ethan's mom after putting on her clothes from the guest bedroom. The good news is - well, at least for those who like Sutton - that Sutton and Ethan sort of had a heart-to-heart with one another after that mix-up.

Later, though, the cops show up looking for Ethan. His father tells the cops that he hasn't heard from either of his son in years - not even a Christmas card. He says that if they can find him that they are welcome to him. He doesn't want any trouble and that's why he kicked the boys out so many years ago.

Lies and Interrogation in Phoenix

Back in Phoenix, though, Emma is at the police station for an interrogation regarding Derek's death that she has no answers to since she was not there, Sutton was. Dan is kind enough to help Emma a little bit before the big guns come into the room. She keeps an eyeing the camera that is recording her - but hell, who wouldn't? She is nervous because she has no idea what happened! She gave it her all, though!

Later on... Emma is at home looking at pictures of Ethan on the computer and crying whole Thayer is outside her window...does he have feelings for her? I think so, and I must say that I'm a little happy about it!

Tears Shed for a Death

Emma attends Derek's funeral, where she doesn't let an opportunity to speak to Alec slip. Alec asked what Derek was wearing and Sutton said she didn't know. Alec says that it was hard to see with the lights out, but Emma never said that. Anyway, Alec says he is suspicious - basically, of her - and then Emma says that the police need to be looking for the car that pulled up as they were leaving. Just who was in that car? Was it Alec? Or maybe someone that Alec has enlisted as his help now that Derek is gone?

Three's a Crowd!

Baz comes over to Laurel's because he was just around the corner making flyers for the upcoming concert. In case you don't remember, Laurel joined Baz's band and I don't think Justin is very happy about it. Justin gets a little uneasy when he goes to watch Laurel perform as he sees some sparks between Baz and Laurel, which by the way was a fantastic performance - and so was her dress! Hey, Laurel doesn't need a boyfriend on the DL, she deserves a real one! Sorry, Justin!

Oh, and did I mention that Ted confronts Justin at the concert?

What's Rebecca Up To?

She's already picked out her engagement ring to a man that hasn't even proposed. Regardless, she is well on her way to getting want she wants. After all, tonight was the night for her and Alec. Well, sort of, because they've already done the dirty years ago. The next morning, though, Rebecca tells Alec that she came back for him and Alec responds with, "You got me."

Ted shows up at Alec's later at which time Alec informs Ted that this is for the best. After all, the closer he gets to Rebecca, the safer Ted's secret is. Which by the way is what? The Much-Anticipated Reveal!

As for Emma telling Mads about her not being Sutton... It all started out with the twins - Sutton and Emma - trading places once again. If you remember in the last episode, that switching got Emma in trouble with Mads since Emma has no idea Mads was NOT coming to the library to study. But anyway, Mads discovered that Sutton had previously hit on Ryan - yea, you remember, at the black and white ball saying something along the lines of when he gets tired of Mads that he knows where to find out. Mads confronts Sutton (or Emma actually) about it, and I guess Emma had just had enough of all these lies and exclaimed, "I'm Not Sutton!" Sure hope that wasn't a mistake!

So, what were your thoughts on the episode? What is Rebecca's grand scheme? How will Mads react to Emma's reveal of not being Sutton? Do you want Thayer and Emma to have something? Or do you even think it is a possibility? And what is Ted's secret?

Stacy Smith
Contributing Writer

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