'The Lying Game' Recap: Best of 'Double Dibs'
'The Lying Game' Recap: Best of 'Double Dibs'
In tonight's episode of The Lying Game, Emma (Alexandra Chando) gets closer to Sutton's family while Sutton (Chando again) starts uncovering some of the many secrets surrounding the twins' birth.

Top Five Moments:

5. Ethan and Sutton are in love...or are they?: Ethan (Blair Redford) is upset that Sutton left town and made the switch with Emma without telling him. Sutton is also upset that her parents found him with Emma and after learning Ethan kissed Emma, Sutton warns him to stay away from her sister and says she loves him. Ethan returns the sentiment but it seems to be forced from both parties.

4. There's a new guy in town and he's not interested in Sutton!: Laurel (Allie Gonino) meets a cute boy and they bond over their tastes in music. Later, she sees him at school but she is not the only one. Char (Kirsten Prout) takes an instant like to the new guy, Justin, and declares that he will be hers. And this show just got another love triangle! Luckily, the triangle appears to be resolved by episode's end when Justin leaves Char's party to ask Laurel out on a date.

3. Sutton thinks she found her birth mother: Unfortunately, when Sutton talks to Ruth Peterson, it turns out that Ruth is not the birth mom she and Emma are looking for. Ruth says she was paid to put her name on the birth certificate and she has no idea who the twins' real mother might be. Ruth also reveals that both Sutton and Emma were originally adopted by wealthy parents and it leaves Sutton wondering how Emma wound up in the foster system.

2. Mads' dad is bad news: After last week's shenanigans, Alec (Adrian Pasdar) conceals his crime by setting Ethan up for stealing Sutton's laptop. Eventually, Emma decides to believe that she can trust Ethan and they almost kiss. Ethan stops the kiss by claiming he loves Sutton and Emma (sadly) agrees that Sutton 'has dibs'.

1. Sutton's search finally leads somewhere: Sutton goes to visit the family who adopted Emma when they were both babies and Emma's one-time adopted dad tells Sutton that their birth mother took Emma back before the adoption was finalized. He says he could not go to the police because it was a back-channel adoption and that probably applied to Sutton's adoption, as well. At the end of the episode, the same man gives Sutton a picture of Emma and their birth mom so the girls finally have a clue as to her identity.

On the next episode of The Lying Game, Emma wonders what will happen to her, while Alec is determined that Emma and Sutton never find their birth mother.

Megan Cole
Contributing Writer

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