'The League' Season 3 Preview Guide: Legend of Dirty Randy Revealed
'The League' Season 3 Preview Guide: Legend of Dirty Randy Revealed
Last season on The League, the boys took advantage of their credibility on the sports landscape by having Chad Ochocinco guest star on their second season premiere. He was followed by a few other NFL cameos, but the majority of them seemed to just slow down a show that is predicated so much on the interplay between the league members.

NFL players may have bogged things down, but no one can argue that Rafi (Jason Mantzoukas) didn't turn up the insanity on every level. As The League season 3 approaches, there's a lot pointing to the possibility of even more glimpses into Rafi's world.

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The League season 3 was held hostage by the NFL's prolonged lockout over the offseason. So much so that they were actually unable to start production until they were sure there was even going to be a season. Fortunately there is going to be the normal amount of football this year and Andre (Paul Scheer) won't be forced to devote his time to fantasy basketball. What's more, it means that the actual fantasy league will be up and running.

Last year's breakout character Rafi would often speak of the heinous antics of his friend known as "Dirty Randy." Fans have been clamoring for Executive Producers Jackie Marcus Schaffer and Jeff Schaffer to let them know when they'll get a glimpse of the infamous character. The executive producers promised at the recent Television Critics Association press tour that in The League season 3, the fans will get their wish. They went so far as to say that the character will in fact be played by actor Seth Rogen.

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There promises to be plenty of other outlandish characters and guest stars along the way in addition to Seth Rogen as "Dirty Randy." Andre's sister will visit and bring with her a lot of baggage dredged up between the group of friends. It will be interesting to see what kind of actress will be cast in that role given Andre's usually odd appearance.

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Ruxin (Nick Kroll) will undoubtedly be tempted by a new live-in nanny played by Brie Larson. And at long last, some of the "out-of-town" members of the league visit, including one who isn't at all how they remember him. The fantasy fun gets started on October 6 when The League season 3 premieres on FX.

Casey Casteel
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