'The Last Ship' Recap: The Waiting Game
'The Last Ship' Recap: The Waiting Game
Michelle Carlbert
Michelle Carlbert
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In the penultimate episode of The Last Ship Season 1, titled "Trials," Rachel begins her experiments on humans to find out whether or not her vaccine really works.

This episode didn't have as much action as a lot of episodes have had this season, but it sure did deliver on the tension and the tears. 

Human Guinea Pigs

Once they knew that the vaccine worked on humans, it was time to start testing on people. I fully expected Tom to volunteer. After all, he's volunteered for every other life-threatening mission that's come up this season (and survived them all, of course). But I was glad to see that he wasn't chosen as one of the six. Having him on the sidelines was a lot more interesting for the story. 

As for those who were chosen, they were a perfect mix of people for so many reasons. Not just because of genetic markers and all that, but because they made for a group that I could almost believe could die. Agreeing to be part of such an experiment like that comes with a lot of risks and on this show, there's just no guarantee that you'll live. So when Maya died, I thought, "Oh boy, here we go."

The Six

But though I expected it might happen, I was still upset as I watched all of the six giving into their illness. Every moment that went by, I kept debating with myself on whether or not they could all actually succumb to the virus, or if only a few would. There was not one person I was okay with losing, but my heart especially broke at the idea of Tex dying. Like he told Rachel in his feverish delirium, he'd just found someone who made him want to love again. How awful would it be to have him die right after that?

As The Six grew sicker, I was shocked to find out that Kara was pregnant. That just wasn't a direction I expected the show to go with their story. As the crew came to visit those who were dying, I wondered if maybe, just maybe, Rachel would figure it out. As soon as she looked at the monkey and asked it why the vaccine had worked, I knew she was on to something. 

More Than a Vaccine

What an incredible relief to find out that they didn't just get a vaccine out of the experiment, they also got a cure. They even made Kara's baby immune. Those are huge steps to happen in one episode, especially when that episode isn't even the finale. But seeing as Tom's wife has apparently contracted the virus, and perhaps even given it to the rest of his family, it looks like a cure was discovered just in the nick of time. Will Tom be able to deliver the vaccine and save his family? Looks like we'll have to wait until next week's finale to find out. 

My favorite bits:

Tex remarking that people probably weren't going to line up to be a human guinea pig. Yeah, no kidding. 

Mike pointing out that they'd just risked their lives to save Tom, they didn't need him volunteering to be part of the trials. 

Jeter: "Told you God put me here for a reason. Maybe this is it."

Not being at all surprised to see Tex volunteering for the experiment. 

Tom referring to Tex as everyone's entertainment during the experiment. Ain't that the truth. 

Jeter playing fun music to keep everyone cheerful. 

Tex's attempt at a Sean Connery accent. 

Kara: "You might actually be getting under skin."
Tex: "In a good way?"
Kara: "Hard to tell."

Tex trying so hard to be a gentleman for Rachel. Aw.

Getting freaked out the sicker people got. Especially when Garnett got so delirious she thought Kara was her baby daughter.

Tom letting Danny visit Kara. Definitely not good news, but a very sweet moment. 

Quincy: "You're the best there is."
Rachel: "Yet I failed."

Tom donning a suit to see his people and referring to them as "The Six."

Bertrise waking up to see that everyone was okay. 

Tex of course making a naughty joke when Rachel ordered him to bed. I knew it was coming, but it was so nice to see him okay that I giggled anyway. 

Totally crying along with Rachel and Tom when they realized they could immunize people help the ones who were already sick. 

What did you think of this episode of The Last Ship? Did you think they would find a cure this soon?

The Last Ship Season 1 finale airs Sunday, Aug. 24 at 9pm on TNT. 

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