'The Last Ship' Recap: The Russians Win at Sleight of Hand
'The Last Ship' Recap: The Russians Win at Sleight of Hand
Michelle Carlbert
Michelle Carlbert
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In this episode of The Last Ship, the crew hears a distress call and goes on the search for a woman who might be immune to the virus. Instead, they wind up in another game of cat-and-mouse with the Russians, in "SOS."

The Russians Return

Of course it was only a matter of time before Ruskov and his people found the USS Nathan James again, but I don't think I ever imagined that it would happen under the circumstances that occurred in this episode. 

It was interesting getting a little more information on the mysterious man that Ruskov has trapped in the belly of his ship. Is it possible that it's the man who started this whole thing? From what we saw in the beginning of the episode, it looks like that could be the case. 

The Search for Bertrise

As we saw in the last episode, the experimentations with the monkeys haven't been going well so it was a nice boon for them to hear the radio transmission from a girl who could be immune to the virus. What wasn't so great was having to give away their position in order to go find her. I really thought that Tom's subterfuge with calling himself a regular Joe on a fishing boat would work, but of course the Russians were too smart for that. Much smarter than me, apparently, because I know I would have fallen for it -- hook, line and sinker (if you'll allow me a nautical expression).

The good news was that the crew managed to get to The Octopus and grab Bertrise before they got there. The bad news was that Tom and Tex's boat got filled with holes from the resulting firefight and they had to abandon ship and go for a dive. The dive kept them away from the Russians, but it also kept them away from their crew. Thanks to Tom having the tracking beacons out of their suits, they were really on their own. 

"Ride Off Into the Sunset."

Of course I knew that the crew would immediately start looking for the missing members of their team. What I didn't know was that Tom would order them to cease and desist that activity immediately. He's already proven that he's willing to do anything to save the world, but I guess I thought his self-preservation instinct was stronger than that. Luckily no one on the Nathan James listened to him and pretty much went right back to their searching. 

We got a few good moments between Tom and Tex in the water and it was nice to see them bonding the way that only men who think they are about to die will do. Yet more nail-biting happened when the crew piggy-backed on a Russian signal to blow the Russian drone out of the sky and then borrowed the signal to find Tom and Tex. 

A Light in the Sky

But then all seemed well when Tom and Tex saw a light in the sky and they were rescued. The crew on the Nathan James waited with baited breath for the report that their men were found alive, but it wasn't meant to be. In a wonderful bit of trickery, the show fooled us into thinking that the Nathan James had found Tom and Tex, when in fact it was the Russians. 

With that, the show took another exciting new turn. I am excited to see Tom and Ruskov confront each other face-to-face and I'm equally excited to see how Mike will figure out a way to rescue his captain. 

My favorite bits:

Mike: "You're a leader. Lead."

Tom not only deciding that they should talk to Bertrise, but doing it himself. Loved Mike's admiring look when he heard Tom introducing himself as Joe Brown on a fishing boat. It was pretty brilliant. 

Mike: "This does not feel right." Uh oh, I always get a bad feeling when he says that. Mike's instincts are usually right on the money. 

Ruskov grumbling about how his men could possibly lose the Americans in open water. I couldn't help but to laugh at that. 

Tom informing Tex that there were no beacons in their suits. 

Tom ordering his crew to cease and desist their search and "ride off into the sunset" with the package. Whoa. 

Tex screaming at Tom that his people needed him. I second that sentiment. 

The bomb blowing the Russian drone out of the sky. 

Tex admitting that he was "sweet" on Rachel and that was the only reason he went on the mission. Tom's laugh when he heard the news was spectacular. 

Tom admitting that he was afraid, but only of never seeing his wife and kids again. I knew he'd never say he was afraid of dying. 

Mike: "I swear to god, if you are lying to me I will strap you to a torpedo." I have no doubt he would do exactly that. 

Tex: "Don't tell me, you're pissed at Slattery now." 
Tom: "Son of a bitch!" 

Tex insisting that Tom go up first. 

Realizing that it was the Russians who took Tom and Tex. OH. MY. GOD!

What did you think of this episode of The Last Ship? Did you know all along that Tom and Tex were going to be rescued by the Russians?

The Last Ship airs on Sunday nights at 9pm on TNT. 

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