'The Last Ship' Interviews: EPs and Cast on Apocalyptic Quest to Save the World
'The Last Ship' Interviews: EPs and Cast on Apocalyptic Quest to Save the World
Carla Day
Carla Day
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The entire human existence is on the verve of being wiped out on The Last Ship. The hope for the continuation of humankind rests with the crew of a United States destroyer. A scientist on board found the primordial sample and sets out to make a vaccine.

At Wondercon, Executive Producers Steven Kane and Hank Steinberg and stars Charles Parnell and Travis Van Winkle spoke to reporters about what makes this series different from others on television and the struggles the crew will face in their mission to save the world.

Check out the video interviews with the executive producers and cast.

Executive Producers Steven Kane and Hank Steinberg Interview

Highlights from the interview:

  • "We don't think of the show as post-apocalyptic. We think of it as apocalyptic."
  • The series is about dealing with the moment and what's happening right now rather than years after a war or the lights go out.
  • It's a realistic science fiction. A virus will spread and it's a story about how society deals with that reality.
  • It's a time sensitive mission. Every day they don't find the cure means half a million people die.
  • This is a story about a group that's trying to save the world. There's urgency in everything they do. They are humanities last hope.
  • The vaccine they are developing is a "coveted commodity" and other people will want it. 
  • They will be having "internal and external adventures" both on and off the ship.
Charles Parnell and Travis Van Winkle Interview

Highlights from the interview:

  • Neither Parnell nor Van Winkle wanted to classify their characters as heroes.
  • Parnell plays the Master Chief, the third ranking member and highest ranked enlisted man, on the ship. He helps gauge the moral of the crew. He acts as an intermediary between the captain and the crew.
  • "I help the heroes.  I don't know how heroic I am, but I help them be heroic." - Parnell
  • Van Winkle pays a Navy SEAL and goes on the off-boat missions. 
  • "Anytime we have a mission, whether it's to get monkeys or whether it's to go do whatever we do, I have to have my crew together and come up with a plan and then we go out and get to get our hands dirty."
  • The SEAL loses his best friend in the premiere and has to deal with that. He also has a relationship with a lieutenant that against the rules.
  • The mission is rough on the crew, but they also struggle with not knowing whether or not their families are alive or not.
The Last Ship premieres Sunday, June 22 at 9 pm ET on TNT.

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