'NCIS' Spoilers: A Friend, a Finale and a Kid from Baltimore
'NCIS' Spoilers: A Friend, a Finale and a Kid from Baltimore
Laurel Brown
Laurel Brown
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With the show taking a short spring break, we may need some NCIS spoilers and news to keep us going until the next new episode. Who is getting a visit from an old friend? Where will Palmer's wedding take place? What will happen at the end of NCIS season 9? And just who is the kid from Baltimore? Keep reading to find out!

WARNING: While most of the news in this article deals with casting or general news, there are NCIS spoilers scattered throughout. Proceed with caution as you read.

Where Will Palmer Get Married?
It looks like Palmer and his lovely fiance, Breena, are planning a warm-weather wedding for this spring. According to EW.com, the two will wed in Florida -- Breena's home state.

Of course, the NCIS team will have to visit for the big event. But that doesn't mean a vacation for Gibbs and company. On the contrary, events back in DC will require a significant amount of attention. Why exactly?

A Unique Adversary and a Season-Ending Cliffhanger
EW.com also had a bit of scoop on the NCIS season 9 finale. While Palmer is getting ready for his honeymoon, his co-workers will be dealing with a "unique" adversary targeting Navy ships. "I like to pull things back periodically," NCIS executive producer Gary Glasberg told EW.com. "I don't want to forget that NCIS is a Navy-related show. I know that that's important to our military overseas and a lot of our viewers. I think they'll enjoy this sort of twist in the storyline."

When asked whether viewers could expect any sort of main-character death in the NCIS season finale, Glasberg provided only an ambiguous answer: "There's some danger involved, and we'll have to see where that puts our team. There'll be a cliffhanger, and we'll see what's left when we come back."

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The Kid from Baltimore
Most recently mentioned in the NCIS season 9 premiere, the "kid from Baltimore" has thus far only been known as someone from Tony DiNozzo's past. Now, however, the identity of the "kid" has been released.

TVLine reported that Gaius Charles (Friday Night Lights) has been cast in the role of Jason -- an arson investigator from Baltimore. Years ago, DiNozzo saved the charming and intelligent Jason from a fire. Jason will soon be back in DiNozzo's life, thanks to a perhaps overzealous devotion to finding the causes of arsons.

Gaius Charles' character of Jason will appear in a NCIS season 9 episode this spring and may be recurring.

Ziva Gets a Visit from an Old Friend
Ziva David has had such an interesting past that there can never be enough information about that past on NCIS. During a spring episode of NCIS season 9, we will be meeting Ziva's old friend and mentor named Monique Lisson (as reported by TVLine). Lisson, a woman with her own shadowy past, will be played by Karina Lombard (The 4400, The L Word) and will appear in an episode that features the team visiting Colombia to investigate the case of a missing Navy chaplain.

Gary Glasberg described Monique Lisson as "Ziva's Franks -- someone who's going to sort of guide her a little bit in figuring out what she wants from life, professionally."

The next new episode of NCIS, "The Tell," will air on Tuesday, March 20 at 8pm on CBS.

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