AMC Cancels 'The Killing'
AMC Cancels 'The Killing'
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
Senior Writer, BuddyTV
Rosie Larsen isn't the only one who's dead. After just two seasons, AMC has canceled its controversial murder mystery The Killing.

The Killing is available on Amazon Prime.

The Killing opened to strong critical praise for its gritty, long-from, methodical storytelling. However, when the big mystery of who killed Rosie wasn't answered in the season 1 finale, viewers turned against it. The second season did little to change that opinion, slowly plodding through an increasingly complicated and preposterous series of events until finally offering closure. But it was too little, too late.

The show was a lesson for all TV writers in how not to tell a story. There were so many mistakes made along the way that it's probably for the best that AMC canceled it. It also frees up an incredibly talented cast. Star Mireille Enos earned a well-deserved Emmy nomination for the show's first season, and even in the depressingly dull second season, she was incredibly good.

Equally strong was Joel Kinnaman as Linden's partner, Holder. He often stole the show and, now that he's free, I'm sure he'll be in high demand from other TV shows.

This marks the second time AMC has canceled one of its original drama series. The first was the conspiracy drama Rubicon, which only lasted one season. And with Breaking Bad and Mad Men nearing their ends in the next two years and Hell on Wheels not really catching on, that leaves The Walking Dead as the network's lone franchise for the future.

But for now, I'm just happy AMC listened to the viewers and critics and canceled this show. Hopefully it will serve as a cautionary tale.

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