The Goode Family
The Goode Family
From the creator of King of the Hill and Beavis and Butthead comes this animated sitcom about a family with a "green" lifestyle.  ABC's The Goode Family centers on four (plus their vegan pet) members of a politically correct family, always trying to do what is best for everyone.  They struggle to do the right thing, even though external factors in this chaotic world often stop them.

Whether they're reusing their shopping bags or urging others to follow their vegan principles, The Goode Family just wants to promote environment-friendly ways of living, often to the extremes.  Heading the pack is Gerald Goode (Mike Judge), an administrator at a community college who says he comes from a long line of over-educated academic liberals.  His wife, Helen (Nancy Walls) is a local activist.

Together, Gerald and Helen live by the motto WWAGD ("What Would Al Gore Do?"), as seen by every activity they accomplish.  They drive a hybrid car, buy organic apples, and even call minorities by their right names.  However, their children don't always embrace the lifestyle they've tried to uphold. 

First is their adopted son Ubuntu (David Herman), originally from South Africa.  While he tries his best to enjoy anything from organic gardening to crafts, he can't just ignore his passion for regular pursuits.  Ubuntu's driven towards tools, driving insanely fast and even violent sports.  Joining him is the Goodes' biological daughter Bliss (Linda Cardellini), a teenager who often disagrees with her parents' views.  Sometimes, she can't help but poke holes in their proposed lifestyle.

Rounding up the family is their pet dog, the meat-hungry Che.  While he has no say about the situation he's in, Che tries to rebel against his owners by eating neighborhood animals.  He's practically vegan, getting all-natural meals with every squirrel, cat, rabbit and bird that passes through his jaws.

Still, the Goodes hilariously overcome whatever obstacle that comes their way, from Helen's SUV-driving dad Charlie (Brian Doyle Murray) to their neighbor Ray Johnson.  Don't miss the series as it airs every Wednesday at 9pm on ABC.

-Maria Gonzalez, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
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