'The Good Wife' Fan Columnist: The Tale of the Tape
'The Good Wife' Fan Columnist: The Tale of the Tape
Alison Stern-Dunyak
Alison Stern-Dunyak
Contributing Writer, BuddyTV
This being Thanksgiving week, I realize I have a lot of things in my life to be thankful for. Loving family. Faithful friends. Tasty pie. Tasty television (preferably with a side of TiVo).
But rather than take a well-deserved Thanksgiving-week break, The Good Wife moved full speed ahead with potentially game-changing revelations. The rogue voicemail from Will to Alicia -- revealed. Diane planning to start a new firm with David Lee -- revealed. Mama Florrick displaying racist tendencies -- revealed. Becca's evil intentions -- revealed (again).

Full-Court Press

More than usual with TGW, the weekly case bleeds into Alicia's life -- in a big, big way. While helping to defend a buddy of Will's, Chicago Alderman Matthew Wade, Alicia must listen to hours of wiretapping tapes. The government is accusing Wade of taking money from Islamic extremists. But the tapes eventually yield the evidence that Wade isn't a terrorist--just a plain old corrupt Chicago politician. And in true Chicago fashion, some political maneuvering gets Wade off the hook, though his friendship with Will is irretrievably broken.

What with the case being so neatly wrapped up, its importance has much more to do with what else Alicia discovers on the tapes. Two key revelations--the government is also wiretapping Eli Gold (a friend of Wade's) and Will confessed his feelings about Alicia to Wade, who encouraged him to tell her the truth in person, not by voicemail.

As a stunned Alicia listens, Will tells Wade that he left the message of love for Alicia, and "she blew me off." On the tape, Wade advises Will to man up and tell her in person, but Will says he's dropping it. In desperation, Alicia reviews her phone's mailbox, but all she finds are his earlier messages. She's baffled and broken-hearted.

And the audience is left wondering why the heck Will didn't take Wade's advice to talk to Alicia in person in the first place. Rarely has Will's unwillingness to commit made him seem so small.

Explosive Evidence

In this overstuffed episode, the major reveal about the missing voicemail almost, but not quite, overshadowed other important plot points.

  • Diane asks Eli to join a new firm she's planning to start with David Lee. He can't commit to anything till he knows where Alicia will end up. Diane throws in a little bait: "Eli, you're being wiretapped." In any other show, by the way, that would be the big disclosure of the week. In TGW, it was almost a toss-off.
  • The war between Kalinda and Blake escalates as it appears that Blake is trying to set up Kalinda in a brutal assault case by planting evidence.
  • Evil Becca, Part 1: Becca and Zach proceed with their plan to embarrass Glenn Childs through a phony Facebook page for Glenn Child, Jr. Unfortunately, their "prank" backfires when the Childs campaign starts making retaliation videos featuring Grace Florrick.
  • Evil Becca, Part 2: The conniving blonde lets it slip to Peter's mother that Zach is now dating an African girl. We've earlier seen anti-Semitic tendencies in Mrs. Florrick, and now it's apparent she has a racist streak as well. 

The Best Defense

The week's can't-miss-it line goes to Will, when discussing the need to defend Alderman Wade: "In Chicago you need your friends three times -- at your wake, your wedding and your first indictment."

The week's can't-miss-it performance goes to the inimitable Julianna Margulies, who makes us as breathless as Alicia when she learns about Will's mislaid declaration of love. I don't know about you, but I was gasping right along with her, especially when she learns that Will and Tammy have taken their relationship to the next level. Bravo, Ms. Margulies!

And happy Thanksgiving, everybody!

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