'The Good Wife' Clip 'And The Law Won': Will Gets Back to Work
'The Good Wife' Clip 'And The Law Won': Will Gets Back to Work
Michelle Carlbert
Michelle Carlbert
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The Good Wife season 4 continues this Sunday night at 9pm on CBS with an episode called "And The Law Won." In the clip below, we take a look at Will's first case now that he's able to practice law again. 

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"Lawyers only, sir."

I'm sure Diane is very happy to have her partner back by her side in the courtroom, but that doesn't stop her from having a little fun with Will first. In the clip, we see her jokingly tell him that he's sitting in the wrong seat as only lawyers are allowed there. Not only that, but she bestows upon him an unusual gift for a lawyer who has been practicing for many years: a copy of 'Introduction to Trial Law.' Will takes her jibes in stride, which proves how much they both wanted his suspension to end. 

"Just imagine how embarrassing it will be if you don't beat him."

Now while it may have been another little joke, the look on Will's face when Diane said that it would be embarrassing if he lost his first case back spoke volumes. I'm sure that's the last thing that either of them would want, but one thing we've seen recently with Lockhart and Gardner is the fact that their luck hasn't exactly been good recently. Where once I might have said "Of COURSE he's going to win! He's Will," now I'm not so sure. 

It's not like the firm always wins every single case given to them, but you have to admit that Will losing his first case back on the job wouldn't exactly bode well for the firm. Given how much trouble they are in, I'm sure other firms are sniffing around like sharks to see if they can pick up any Lockhart and Garnder's clients who are looking to leave the floundering company. If Will loses this case, there's a chance that they could lose clients over it and that's something they simply can't afford to do at the moment. 

So what do you think after watching the clip of Sunday night's episode of The Good Wife? Do you think Will's going to come back fighting and win his first case back or do you think Lockhart and Gardner's bad luck is going continue a little while longer. 

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