Write Your Own 'Glee Project' Storyline: What Role Should Charlie Play?
Write Your Own 'Glee Project' Storyline: What Role Should Charlie Play?
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
Senior Writer, BuddyTV
In season 2 of The Glee Project, only one contestant will win the opportunity to have a recurring role on Glee season 4. Each week I'll pick one contestant (who I think has a decent chance of actually winning) and predict what kind of character or storyline they might have on Glee.

Charlie Lubeck is obviously one of Ryan Murphy's favorites as the Glee co-creator said that his last chance performance was one of his favorite moments in the history of The Glee Project.

Here's my take on who Charlie should play.

Role: Drew Henderson, a junior at McKinley High who plays in the school's jazz band. He's actually a member of the band that plays with the New Directions, but he's never said anything and has stayed generally quiet for most of his life.

Storyline: Over the summer Drew was working at a summer camp when he fell out of his canoe and almost drowned. The near-death experience has suddenly changed him into an outgoing guy who wants to shine. He's playing in the band with New Directions and stops a song halfway through, letting them know that he wants to sing.

In flashbacks we see that Drew was actually playing music at all the big moments from last season, from the Rocky Horror and West Side Story rehearsals to the Night of Neglect to the dinosaur prom.

His confidence and near-death story is inspiring to other underdogs and he becomes a de facto leader of a band geek uprising at the school, trying to get musicians to win as much respect as athletes or cheerleaders.

He decides to run for student council president against Brittany (who has been demoted from senior to junior because of her grades) and in the process the two actually become friends as Brittany picks up a flute for the first time and plays it perfectly, revealing that she's a music savant who then quits the Cheerios to join the marching band.

What do you think Charlie's role on Glee should be if he wins The Glee Project?

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