'The Glee Project' Season 2 Contestants Revealed
'The Glee Project' Season 2 Contestants Revealed
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
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This summer, another contestant will get the chance of a lifetime to appear on FOX's Glee. The Oxygen reality series The Glee Project is back for season 2, and once again Glee co-creator Ryan Murphy will narrow down a field of 14 hopefuls until one wins a recurring role on the show.

Well, maybe one. In the first season, there were two winners (Damian McGinty and Samuel Larsen) while the two runners-up got two-episode guest appearances. So odds are good that we might see more than one of these 14 kids on season 4of Glee.

See who's competing for a spot on Glee in these introductory videos, including a girl in a wheelchair, a blind guy and an America's Got Talent finalist.

The Girls

23 from Orlando, Florida
You might remember her as one of the finalists from season 6 of America's Got Talent (she was the Justin Bieber-looking lady Dani Shay).

19 from Tacoma, Washington
She plays piano and guitar and sings for a swing band.

19 from Chicago, Illinois
She is a Muslim who started an a cappella group at Loyola University.

24 from New York City, New York
She is in a wheelchair and works as an actress in New York.

Lily Mae
18 from Cape Cod, Massachusetts
She is a "full-figured woman" who attends a choir college.

21 from Auburn, Alabama
She plays sports and performed in her high school marching band, playing the tuba and trombone.

22 from Detroit, Michigan
She is a trained aerialist who never flew on a plane before this show.

The Boys

21 from Boca Raton, Florida
He is half black, half white, Jewish and transgender.

18 from Chicago, Illinois
He is a blues singer who also enjoys calculus.

22 from Nashville, Tennessee
He's a country singer who was a football star in high school and who wears a promise ring.

24 from Lanham, Maryland
He is a blind gospel singer.

19 from Miami, Florida
He's an aspiring actor who drums, juggles and sells parrots.

22 from Chicago, Illinois
He is an actor and singer with ADHD and low-spectral autism.

24 from Queens, New York
A new performer, he deferred law school for the show.

Clearly Ryan Murphy will have his work cut out for him, though I have to assume people with a clear hook will have a better shot at lasting long (wheelchair girl, blind guy, Muslim girl, etc).

Who is your early favorite for The Glee Project season 2?

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