The Girls Next Door: Kendra Wilkinson's New Show Gets a Premiere Date
The Girls Next Door: Kendra Wilkinson's New Show Gets a Premiere Date
Kris De Leon
Kris De Leon
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The Girls Next Door star Kendra Wilkinson has several important events coming up in her life. Aside from her  wedding to fiancé Hank Baskett, she's also starring on her new reality series called Kendra. E! has just announced that Wilkinson's new show will premiere on June 7 before the second season premiere of Denise Richards: It's Complicated.

"Throughout the five highly successful seasons of the Girls Next Door, Kendra has developed a loyal fan-base with her outrageous personality and trademark laugh," network executive vice president Lisa Berger said in a statement. "Now she's faced with the reality of making it outside the gates of the Mansion and as Kendra's fans are aware, you never know what she's going to do next. We are thrilled to be going into these uncharted waters with her."

Kendra hits the airwaves with a special hour-long episode in which the former Girls Next Door wakes up in her new home and decides to plan a housewarming party. The only problem is: that Wilkinson has no furniture. More challenges set in as she realizes that life his hard without the butlers, maids and chefs she's used to lived with during her time in the Playboy mansion.  

In true Kendra style, however, she decorates the house with a stripper pole instead of picking up traditional coffee tables and chairs. And after her racy soiree, Wilkinson heads to the Playboy mansion to introduce her fiancé to her ex-lover Hugh Hefner. She's worried that they won't get along but what happens is quite the opposite. In fact, as we all know, Hefner offers his mansion as the wedding venue for the engaged couple.  

The rest of the nine-episode series also follows Wilkinson as she plans her wedding and struggles with domestic duties like laundry, grocery shopping, and paying the bills, as well as her road adventures with Baskett.

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