'The Fosters' Season 2 Premiere Recap: Will Callie Ever Get Adopted?
'The Fosters' Season 2 Premiere Recap: Will Callie Ever Get Adopted?
Megan Cole
Megan Cole
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In the season 1 finale of The Fosters, Lena and Stef celebrated the final confirmation of Lena's pregnancy, while Mike fell off the wagon. Jude got officially adopted, but Callie's adoption had to be put on hold until they got permission from the man listed as her father on her birth certificate. Brandon had the worst day ever, as he was preyed upon by his father's ex-girlfriend before being attacked by Vico. And Mike, in his drunken state, may have killed Ana.

In this week's season 2 premiere, "Things Unknown," we see how Brandon is coping with the aftermath of Vico's attack and how Callie's non-adoption is affecting the family. Read on to find out if the season premiere of The Fosters delivers the heart and heartache we have come to expect.

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Things Get More Complicated for Callie

Callie begins the day, and the season, by going back to court. Mr. Jacobs testifies to the fact that he always considered Callie his daughter despite not being her biological father. He goes on to say that Callie's mother was once married to Robert Quinn, but that Quinn abandoned Callie and her mother when he found out Callie's mother was pregnant. But the judge explains that since Robert Quinn never signed the birth certificate, he may have never known about Callie and never willingly abandoned her. Until they get Quinn's signed consent, Callie cannot be adopted by Stef and Lena.

Callie's week gets worse when a social worker comes to the Adams-Foster home and explains that Stef and Lena's foster license has expired. Since Callie has not been officially adopted and their license is no longer valid, Callie has to be taken out of their home and placed in another foster home until things get straightened out. Luckily, Stef manages to talk to a judge and gets the go-ahead to bring Callie back home. Stef and Lena now have 30 days to get re-certified.

Though Callie originally had no intention of tracking down Robert Quinn -- she decided she could just wait a few years until she turns 18 and does not need anyone's permission to get adopted -- this incident makes her change her mind. Callie does not want to risk being pulled out of her home again, so she asks Stef to look into finding her biological father.

By the end of the episode, Callie's father has tracked her down. He stops by the restaurant Callie now works at to check up on his daughter. Then he gets into a car with his other daughter and drives off. How will Callie react when she learns she has a half-sister? How will Jude react when he finds out his sister has another sibling?

Brandon's Struggles

Via flashback, we learn that Brandon's brutal attack resulted in several compound fractures in his hand and he had to have surgery to fix it. But now Brandon has 90-95% function back in his hand and the doctor does not want to risk further damage by operating again. The doctor says Brandon might be able to play the piano as well as he did before, but they will not know until he tries. And Brandon spends most of the episode being too afraid to do so.

Aside from his injury, Brandon is also dealing with guilt over what happened with Dani. Before we get into Dani's manipulations, I just want to point out that Brandon has nothing to feel guilty about. What happened between Dani and Brandon was not consensual sex, it was sexual assault. Dani took advantage of a drunk, underage teenager and I hope the show addresses that soon.

But because assaulting Brandon was not bad enough, Dani shows up at his school and tells him that she is moving in with Mike. When Brandon challenges her on staying with a guy she constantly lies to, Dani plays on all of Brandon's worst fears like the predator she is. Dani makes Brandon feel like Mike's sobriety will be in jeopardy if he finds out what happened between them.

Yet by the end of the episode, Brandon is ready to tell his father what happened with Dani. That is, until Mike explains that Dani saved his life and that he believes she is good for him. So Brandon decides to confess his fears about his hand to Mike instead. Brandon still has numbness in some of his fingers, and he is terrified that if he cannot play the piano as well as he used to, he will lose the thing that defines him. Mike convinces Brandon to give it a go and Brandon plays, albeit poorly. Brandon breaks down and says he cannot play anymore because he cannot feel the keys.

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In Other Happenings...

With so much going on, Mariana takes a back-seat in this week's premiere, but we do learn why she dyed her lovely dark hair blonde. When Mariana beat out several other girls for a spot on the school's dance team, she overheard one of the girls say it was only because Mariana fit their diversity quota.

Via flashback, we learn that Vico's only punishment for beating Brandon is two years' probation and a transfer to military school. Here's hoping this is the last we have seen of Vico.

Anchor Beach is now down several important donors, so they have to make changes -- changes like having the wrestling team share a gym with the dance team. The wrestling coach is not happy about this and blames Lena, as she is now interim principal.

Jesus and Emma's relationship is causing problems for Emma, as her friends on the wrestling team are now treating her differently. When Jesus attempts to quit the team to make things easier for Emma, Emma tells him that she does not need him to fix her problems and she will talk to the guys herself. Have I mentioned how much I like Emma?

Callie and Wyatt are still an item, and Wyatt continues to put Callie's needs first. Have I mentioned how much I like Wyatt?

Jude gets an award for an essay he wrote about Anchor Beach that is really an essay he wrote about finding his forever family. The essay is beautiful and all, but proves that Jude is still the best kid. As does his attempt to go with Callie when she is taken from the Adams-Foster home.

The Ana Mystery Continues

Early in the episode, Mike and Stef have a discussion about the still-missing Ana. Stef has people out looking for Ana and Mike thinks that is a bad idea. He claims they should just be grateful Ana is gone and leave it alone, but Stef does not want Ana taking them by surprise again. Mike gets annoyed and asks Stef to drop it.

Later in the episode, Brandon lets it slip that Mike was drunk the night Ana disappeared and that he got into a fight with someone. Stef tracks down the witness who saw Ana fighting with a man shortly before she disappeared and gets him to confirm that Mike was the person he saw Ana fighting with. I think Mike beating up or killing Ana seems a bit too obvious, but the evidence is certainly pointing in that direction.

What did you think of the second season premiere of The Fosters? Do you think Mike killed Ana or will she return later this season, alive and well? Do you think Brandon's piano skills will return or will he be forced to pick up a new talent this year? Were you surprised to see Callie's bio dad in the first episode of the season? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section.

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