'The Following' Exclusive Interview: Valorie Curry on Love, Loyalty, and Difficult Decisions to Come
'The Following' Exclusive Interview: Valorie Curry on Love, Loyalty, and Difficult Decisions to Come
Carla Day
Carla Day
Contributing Writer, BuddyTV
On The Following, Emma (Valorie Curry) has been through a lot in her young life. She may have killed her own mother, but she found love and family through her relationship with Jacob and living with Claire and Joey. After being the leader at the Farm House, she found her control waned once she arrived at the Follower House.
Curry spoke with BuddyTV about Emma's journey, love, and future. With only two episodes left, in The Following season, Emma will have difficult decisions to make. Below is the edited interview.

For so long, Emma had purpose in her life living with Claire and Joey and helping Joe, but now, in the Follower House, she seems more lost than she's ever been. What is her frame of mind now that she's lost Joey, and Jacob and Joe have pushed her away.

I think that's absolutely right. What's been so painful for her the last few episodes is that she doesn't have a place. She doesn't have a role and Joe is kinda jerking her back and forth. You know, accepting her and then rejecting her the next morning depending on his whims and what's happening with Claire. 

She's so used to having a purpose and that's how she functions best. We saw this strong, powerful, determined woman in the beginning and when she doesn't have a place and she doesn't have a purpose, she's kinda scrambling. ... And, she's been treated really badly for the last few weeks, and we're gonna see Emma make a decision.

She had a contentious relationship with her mother, is that something that's still in the back of her mind given how she's being treated now?

The thing about Emma is that it's there obviously that sort of damage. We saw that weeks ago in the conversation with Agent Parker, where she sort of rattles her, but she has so many defenses up that she very much lives in the present moment. And, anything that would make her weaker, that would make her question, that's not a thought she's going to entertain. It's not a memory that she's going to worry over. So, that's something that she's really compartmentalized and putting away, but at at the same time that need for a role, for a parent, for direction definitely is born out of her history with her mother.

Is Emma capable of love? And, is she in love with Jacob at this point?

She's absolutely capable of love. That is the center of her. It's love and devotion and it's not a healthy kind of love, but that's who she is and her love for Jacob was always real. ... But, yeah, I think she is capable of love. I think everything she does, she does out of love.

If Emma had to chose between siding with Jacob or siding with Joe, what would she do? Or, would that even be a difficult decision for her?

I definitely think that would be a difficult decision and it's something that she's been struggling with the last few episodes. I mean we've seen her within each episode sort of going back and forth between asking for Jacob's forgiveness and then asking for Joe's acceptance and her love for both of them is real. It's just that they're very different. 

She is who she is because of Joe, but I also think that so much of her humanity is wrapped up in her love for Jacob, this incredibly warm, sensitive person, who doesn't ask anything of her. There are a lot of decisions to be made. She's at a crossroads and it's something that she's been struggling with. Her love for both of them is really genuine, so it's going to be challenge.

One of my favorite scenes was when Emma meets Claire again. Emma was a little naive about Claire's feelings for her. Does she love Claire too, since she was part of that family?

Absolutely. She was telling the truth in every line in that scene. I think that was a side of her that we don't get to see is that vulnerability. She's the only woman that Emma's ever had a relationship with. You know, an older woman, somebody that she could really look up to and she does respect her very much. She has all the qualities that really Emma has in twisted and magnified ways in terms of her strength and her love. And, she is this powerful woman that she looks up to, but at the same time you can only cross Emma so many times. At the end of the day, Claire is the person that Joe wants and Joe is the person that Emma wants, so we'll see how long that respect lasts.

Roderick was integral in organizing the Follower House and recruiting members, but now he's gone and Joe's starting to lose it. Going into Monday's episode, what's the mood in the Follower House?

The mood is incredibly uneasy. Joe continues to unravel and there isn't a clear leader. We see how ineffective Joe can really be without these people, like Roderick, to facilitate his plan. Instead of being this well-oiled machine, there's going to be a lot of action based on emotions. We are talking about a house full of psychotic people, so it's definitely a tense environment and everybody's going to be making choices about which way they want to go. Testing their loyalty as Ryan Hardy and the FBI closes in.

The Following airs on Mondays at 9 pm ET on FOX.

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