'The Flash' Cast Teases Search for DeVoe, Dibny's Suit, and Council of Wells
'The Flash' Cast Teases Search for DeVoe, Dibny's Suit, and Council of Wells
Carla Day
Carla Day
Contributing Writer, BuddyTV
This week's The Flash, "When Harry Met Harry," Ralphy Dibny (Hartley Sawyer) gets a suit from Cisco (Carlos Valdes) and joins Barry (Grant Gustin) in the field to learn what it means to be a superhero. Back at Star Labs, Harry (Tom Cavanaugh) gets help from a few of his friends to find DeVoe.

BuddyTV stopped by The Flash set in Vancouver and spoke with the cast about tonight's "When Harry met Harry." Check out what they had to say!

On the Search for DeVoe

Gustin: Barry starts to get an inkling early that this is going to be somebody serious and we're going to want to nip it in the bud right away. ... We heard about this guy, thinking back to who we heard about him from, Cadabra mentioned DeVoe to Barry and then Savitar, evil Barry actually mentioned him to Barry and Iris. Barry's taking it pretty seriously right away. 

He starts to-- before anybody else on the team knows for sure that this is our guy, and [Barry] starts to become a little bit obsessed with getting him, because he doesn't want things to get out of hand again as they always do. We start to see him unravel slightly for the first time all season, because he's been pretty put together this year-- positive. He starts to become a little obsessed with finding this guy, and getting everyone to see and be on the same page as him, and see that this our guy for sure. But everyone else has their doubts for a while. 

On Ralph's Suit

Sawyer: The grey suit? It's a little hard to get into, but it's fun to wear actually. It does not leave much to the imagination, but putting it on is fun and it lends itself to a lot of comedy, a lot of moments there with that. ... It was comfortable. Slept it in a few times.

Valdes: Ralph wants and needs a suit, so Cisco gives him one. But of course, in typical Ralph fashion, it's not to his liking, so he just mouths off about it. Cisco sort has to bear the brunt of Ralph's frustrations. But Cisco's all about utility, you know. So Cisco doesn't care what Ralph thinks of the suit, as long as it's functional. And I think he definitely has something functional. 

But over time, he does really get frustrated with the stylistic limitations of the suit, so it's possible that Cisco might design something a little more, how do you say, aesthetically pleasing -  yes, sure, let's go with that - for Dibny. I just saw some renderings, and it made me very happy. That's all I'm going to say.

On Ralph Becoming a Superhero

Sawyer: The learning curve from zero to hero is a pretty big one. It takes most of the episode for him to get there. It's tricky because Ralph was not a bad guy, but has just gone on this path. And so coming back from that has been tricky. 

It's all fun and games for him with the powers and being a hero, and how hard could it be to be a superhero and how much accountability could there be? But you can't save everybody. You can't do everything all the time. You're not God or whatever, that kind of thing. And so ... when people get hurt -- Ralph does feel that. And he is aware of that. And that's not an easy thing for him to digest and live with and take on the responsibility of knowing that if I make the wrong decision or a different decision that people can get hurt. 

On Playing the Council of Wells

Cavaugh: This show will come and run its course, or it will be like Supernatural and never end. And, then it will all be done, but at least we will have this stamp of shamelessness. With the Council of Wells, I will always be able to point to that and go, "Look at this exercise in egotism that we managed to pull off."

Unfortunately, for Brent Crowell, who is our production manager, it was his first time directing this show. He got saddled with having to tolerate me not playing just one character, or two characters which I normally do, but playing a multitude of characters, each one worse than the next. But, only if you line them up that way.

On Filming the Council of Wells

Valdes: It was almost too much. It was a very overwhelming process. Obviously, Tom is very good at riffing on this particular character and letting us see different shades of Wells, but this just goes so over the top in such a gratifying way. Yeah, it's almost too much to handle because when we shoot different versions, actors being different versions of the same character, it takes time. You gotta get into the makeup, any sort of prosthetic or costumes and stuff like that. That takes time. ... But I'll say this: For as long as it took, he sure made it a lot of fun, just constantly improvising and riffing. I think people will dig it a lot.

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