6 Things We Want to See When Iris Suits up on 'The Flash'
6 Things We Want to See When Iris Suits up on 'The Flash'
Meredith Jacobs
Meredith Jacobs
Contributing Writer, BuddyTV
Thanks to a meta, Barry and Iris will be switching places in The Flash season 4 episode 16 and she'll have his speed. That leads to Barry being team leader while Iris is the speedster.

"Run, Iris, Run" will offer the opportunity for characters to take on different roles and shake things up. Other than Iris having fun in her new (temporary) role, here's what we're hoping to see in the episode.

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Focus on Iris

The Flash is Barry's show, so it makes sense that the focus is usually on him. But let's change that up with Iris being the speedster due to the meta. Yes, we need to see how Barry's dealing with the situation (and we do see a tease of that in the promo, below), but let's not have Iris giving him a pep talk.

Hopefully we see a significant part of the episode exploring how Iris feels about having the powers and how she gets a handle on things.

Iris Using More Than Speed

Just because Iris is going to be a speedster during the latest crisis in Central City doesn't mean that everything has to change when she and Barry take new roles. We saw her come up with a solution to help in "Enter Flashtime" during her conversation with Barry.

She'll have a unique perspective here in that she'll have experience on comms and now in the field as a speedster. Maybe we can see her use something she's seen in her usual spot during crises in her new position as the speedster.  

Iris and Killer Frost in the Field Together

The show made it a point to try to establish Iris and Caitlin becoming friends early on in the season (though that did seem to be just so that they could have Caitlin as Iris' maid of honor for the WestAllen wedding.) We haven't gotten anything that suggests they've actually become friends since, so why not use this episode to do just that?

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Also, why not see Iris and Killer Frost team up in the field (perhaps with Cisco as well) since we've seen Barry team up with Ralph and Cisco this season? This could also give them the opportunity to explore Killer Frost's concern for Caitlin that was introduced in "Enter Flashtime." After all, Iris has talked to Caitlin about her cold side.

DeVoe Progress

This is episode 16, and the team is slowly making progress on the DeVoe front. Let's see something significant in this episode, whether it's tied to Iris having speed or not.

Maybe she'll be able to help Barry figure something out from the perspective of a speedster that he can use once he gets his speed back and eventually faces off against DeVoe again.

Something More About the Mystery Girl

She was writing in the same code Barry was when he came out of the speed force, and her return came in the same episode that Jay said he'd be training a "her" to be his replacement. Was that just a coincidence?

Even if it was, there's obviously a connection between the mystery girl and speed, and if she does turn out to be Barry and Iris' future daughter, why not see her first encounter with Iris in the episode where she's a speedster?

"Run, Iris. Run."

This one's probably a given to happen: Barry saying the episode title, "Run, Iris. Run."

What are you hoping to see when Iris suits up in "Run, Iris, Run"?

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