Diane Ruggiero No Longer Part of 'The Ex List'
Diane Ruggiero No Longer Part of 'The Ex List'
On Friday, creator and executive producer Diane Ruggiero withdrew from CBS’ The Ex List.  Her sudden departure came as a surprise to CBS and producing studio 20th Century FOX.  Insiders say that the reason for her sudden departure is that she couldn’t come in terms with CBS, who saw a different direction for the show than she did.  While CBS wanted something closer to the original Israeli format of Mythological X, the season producer, who has worked with hits such as Veronica Mars, wanted something more unique for The Ex List.

The show has already shot six episodes, and the remaining will be handled by Rick Eid, who takes over as executive producer.

"Diane is a gifted writer and developed a wonderful series," 20th TV and CBS said in a joint statement.  "We are sorry that she has decided to leave the show but have tremendous confidence in Rick Eid and his strong team which includes Segahl Avin, the creator of the original Israeli format who will continue to be a consultant.  We expect no disruption in production and remain excited about the upcoming premiere of 'The Ex-List' on CBS."

The Ex List stars Grey’s Anatomy’s Elizabeth Reaser as Bella, a single woman who is told by a psychic that she has already met her soulmate and that they have a year to reconnect if they plan to end up at the altar.

In an interview with Buzz Sugar in August, Ruggiero shed some light on Bella, saying, "I did want her to be a girl that can hang out with guys, the whole surfing aspect of it — I wanted her to be cool and strong and tough, but I didn't put any of that [superhero stuff].  The show doesn't necessarily call for it yet.  She doesn't necessarily need it now, but when she does, I'm not a shrinking violet kind of person."

Hopefully, viewers will still get to see the “violet kind of person” that Bella might be despite Ruggiero’s departure.  Viewers will get to see The Ex List come October 3, when the show debuts on CBS.

-Valerie Anne del Castillo, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
Source: The Hollywood Reporter, TV Guide, Variety, Buzz Sugar
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