The Bold and the Beautiful: Week In Review 8/20-8/24
The Bold and the Beautiful: Week In Review 8/20-8/24
The big story on The Bold and the Beautiful this week revolved around Brooke.  She has just been raped by Andy, who threatens to keep her kids away from her forever if she reports him.  She stabs him when he tries to rape her again, succeeding in getting him our of the house.  Dorothy from Child Protective Services drops in on Brooke after her attack, and postpones the hearing due to Brooke's unstable emotional state.  Bridget also comes by to check in on Brooke, finds out about the rape and spends time helping Brooke recover.

All the while, Stephanie is buzzing in Ridge's ear about how he shouldn't trust such a promiscuous tramp like Brooke with his children.  Ridge proves that he has no backbone by signing the petition she convinced him to make to gain full custody of the children.  Someone needs to stand up to her, and I hope it's Brooke.

Stephanie is a busy woman, because she also has time to face off against Donna, who is engaged to Thorne.  Donna wants Thorne to cut the apron strings to Ma Forrester. 

Meanwhile, Phoebe is still worried about possibly having to sing with Rick at the Boldface Challenge.  He makes it clear that he still loves her, but she's confused about her feelings.  She says that she can't words of love to him because she doesn't mean it.  Just speculating here, but it looks like she might soon have a change of heart.

Meanwhile, Constantine is still cozy with Felicia, and offers up all the proceeds from the Boldface Challenge concert to the clinic that cured her cancer.

And of course, we can't forget the concert.  This week culminated with performances by Jon McLaughlin, Elliot Yamin and Constantine.  Just for the sake of fairness, I've looked up other pictures of Elliot Yamin on the internet.  I have concluded that he must have made someone in the hair and wardrobe departments angry because he's a lot better looking than his Bold and the Beautiful performance made him look.

Next week on The Bold and the Beautiful, we will (finally!) find out whom Phoebe will sing with.

-Debbie Chang, BuddyTV Staff Writer
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