The Bold and the Beautiful: Week In Review 9/10-9/14
The Bold and the Beautiful: Week In Review 9/10-9/14
This week on the The Bold and the Beautiful was really quite an emotional roller-coaster for Stephanie Forrester.  It started out with Donna and Thorne's wedding.  Thorne had just received the shocker of all shockers from Katie Logan that Donna doesn't really love him and is just marrying him to get back at Stephanie.  Thorne called off the wedding at the last minute and disappeared from screen for the rest of the week, ostensibly burying himself in work to get over Donna.  Predictably, Stephanie was elated, and tried to lure Katie over to her side.  But Katie, who just wants everyone to get along, approached Felicia and Brooke to negotiate a truce between their two families.

Meanwhile, Brooke has been continuing to relive the horror of her rape.  She and Ridge and the kids just came back from a night at Big Bear, which made Ridge miss Thorne's wedding-that-never-was.  Ridge asked Brooke and the kids to move back in with him for as long as she wants because he wants to keep an eye on her and protect her.  This didn't go unnoticed by Ashley.  Although Ashley has Stephanie's full backing, Eric told her that he thinks Brooke and Ridge belong together.  Poor Ashley.

Ridge hired a private investigator to track down the accomplice who fed Andy Johnson intimate details of Brooke's life.  They tracked down Andy's cellphone at the Cafe Russe.  Andy's personal secretary at his law firm was called over to unlock the phone and help identify the phone numbers.  The secretary was more than willing to help, as she too has been a victim of Andy's womanizing and would like to see his accomplice brought to justice as well.  Ridge discovered that his own mother called Andy twice the night of Brooke's assault.  He told Eric about this, who was devastated to learn of his wife's deceptions.  Brooke and Ridge left an accusing voicemail on Stephanie's phone telling her about the rape.  The week came to a close with Stephanie gone and Brooke vowing revenge on her.  Stephanie was so saddened and guilt-stricken to learn just how much pain she caused Brooke that she left to try to forgive herself.

-Debbie Chang, BuddyTV Staff Writer

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