The Bold and the Beautiful: Week In Review 8/27-8/31
The Bold and the Beautiful: Week In Review 8/27-8/31
Brooke tells Ridge about everything that happened to her the night she was raped. Ridge decides to drop the lawsuit and hunt Andy down for revenge. Ridge finds Andy on the roof of the Cafe Russe. One thing leads to another, and Andy gets electrocuted and dies, but not before revealing that he had an accomplice who fed him intimate details about Brooke's life. Ridge brings the kids home to Brooke and vows to find the accomplice. Neither of them knows yet that Stephanie is the accomplice.

Winner of the Boldface Challenge

Rick, and not Constantine, was selected to sing the duet with Phoebe. Phoebe had a brief change of heart regarding Rick: she thought for a moment that she was ready to give herself to him, but after some making out on the couch, she realized that she is not ready. She breaks up with Rick, possibly for the last time, and Rick is heartbroken. On the rebound, he remembers the passionate times he's spent with Ashley.

Donna and Thorne are getting married

Donna and Thorne want to get married next week at the Forrester house, but Stephanie, who is dead set against the marriage, may have some tricks up her sleeve to prevent the wedding from happening. Katie Logan (now played by Heather Tom) also comes back to town.

Marones versus Forresters

Eric is beginning to display the latest line of Forrester Originals dresses and each piece is better than the last. However, the Forrester family's finances are on shaky ground, as they had to take out many loans to finance this latest line. Nick and Jacqueline, knowing that they can't compete with the Forresters on the runway, come up with the scheme to sue the Forresters for copyright infringement, since technically Nick still owns the Forrester name.

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