The Bold and the Beautiful: September 12 Live Thoughts
The Bold and the Beautiful: September 12 Live Thoughts
Today on The Bold and the Beautiful, Eric is working from home, and Ashley comes by to talk to him.  They discuss that Thorne has been throwing himself in his work to get over the wedding debacle.  Ashley asks Eric for his perspective on the whole Ridge and Brooke situation.  Eric says that he and Stephanie do not see eye to eye on their son's life.  Eric believes that Ridge and Brooke are still in love with each other.

Meanwhile, Ridge is still at the Cafe Russe with his private investigator.  The cellphone they found works, but is locked so they can't access the numbers.  The PI suggests calling Andy's secretary, who probably knows the password.

Felicia comes over to Ridge's to see if Stephanie has gone there to lay into Brooke again.

Eric and Ashley again.  Eric believes that Brooke and Ridge are destined for each other.  Stephanie has tried for years to keep them apart, but has not been successful.  Doh!  Ashley is so S.O.L.

Andy's secretary has arrived at the Cafe Russe.  She has only come to retrieve Andy's cellphone.  She confides in them that Andy was a pig.  She couldn't stand him because he always made lewd remarks about the way she dressed.  She never worked late because she was afraid of what he would have done if they were alone together.  Secretary's name is Eileen Simpson.  She smiles at Ridge when she tells him her name.  Ridge tells her that Andy victimized a close friend, and he asks Eileen for help.

Brooke asks Felicia to help get Stephanie off her back.  Felicia says that Katie asked her the same thing.  Felicia tells Brooke that being apart would be the best thing for both Brooke and Ridge.

Ashley is taking things well after her talk with Eric.  I can't believe that she is so calm actually.

Ridge, the PI and Eileen finish going over the numbers in Andy's phone.  The only thing is, nobody asks Ridge to look at the numbers.  He would obviously immediately recognize the numbers as Stephanie's and they would get to the bottom of things right away.  But this is not The Bold and the Beautiful way.  They have to stretch this storyline out for as many weeks as possible.

Felicia and Brooke continue to bicker.  Felicia notices that something is wrong with Brooke and pesters her until Brooke finally admits that she was raped and that is why she needs Ridge's support right now.  Felicia looks shocked.

Eric gives Ashley a glimmer of hope, saying that matters of the heart are never definite.  And plus, Ashley has Stephanie as an ally.

Felicia changes her tack and becomes supportive.  She tells Brooke that she will keep her secret.  Brooke tells Felicia about the accomplice whom Ridge is out hunting for right now.

Ridge and the PI are going through the numbers and comparing it to a list.  Finally, Ridge sees his mother's number on the call log.  Realization dawns on him that Stephanie may have been involved with Brooke's rape.  But that may be wishful thinking on my part because we all know that Ridge is not smart enough to figure that out.  And thus ends today's episode of The Bold and the Beautiful.

-Debbie Chang, BuddyTV Staff Writer
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