The Bold and the Beautiful: August 24 Live Thoughts
The Bold and the Beautiful: August 24 Live Thoughts
Today, on The Bold and the Beautiful, the Boldface Challenge is upon us.  It better be good considering all the hype.  Donna and Thorne arrive.  Constantine introduces Phoebe to Elliot Yamin and Jon McLaughlin, as Rick watches from afar.  A bit later, Rick finds Phoebe in her dressing room.  He tells her that he will mean every word that he'll sing to her, and she won't be confused anymore.

Meanwhile, Stephanie is still in Brooke's bedroom, accusing Brooke of whoring it up with Andy.  This gives Brooke another chance to flashback to her terrifying night.

Constantine introduces Jon McLaughlin on the stage.  As we cut to the opening credits.  Ooh, new opening sequence!

Jon McLaughlin, who is sporting some major hathead, sings and plays the piano.  There is something funny about the shots of the concert hall--I think the crew is using some sleight-of-hand to make the soundstage look like a big hall pack with people.  I'm not over-excited with Jon McLaughlin, I have to say.

After the commercial, we are graced with the vocal stylings of Elliot Yamin, whose entrance to the stage is indicated by an immense amount of fog from the fog machine.  From the wings, Phoebe and Rick look meaningfully at each other.  See, this is all subtext.  Elliot is singing, "Baby, I will wait for you," and that's what Rick is thinking!  Geddit?  Elliot has a nice voice, but he also seems to have been beaten with a dorky stick, much like Constantine.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, Stephanie and Brooke are still going at it.  Brooke kicks her out, but not before Stephanie shows her a petition filed in court today requesting Ridge to have full custody of the kids.

Yay, now it's Constantine's turn to sing!!  To quote Randy Jackson, "Yo dog, I'm not feeling it.  It's pitchy."  And indeed, he's not hitting some of his high notes.  He also doesn't have a strong lower register.  Also, I can't stop looking at his chin.  The Bold and the Beautiful wins the award for casting the the weakest chin I've ever seen on daytime television.  Constantine gets a standing ovation from the fake audience.

Now it's time for the Boldface Challenge.  Whom will Phoebe sing with?  The winner of the Boldface Challenge is...

...not going to be announced until after we have more of Stephanie and Brooke.  Stephanie shows Brooke that Ridge signed the papers.  Brooke squints at Stephanie and swears that she will not succeed in her evil plot to take Hope and RJ away from Brooke.

Oh, darn.  I guess we won't find out the winner of the Challenge until Monday.  Will it be Phoebe and Rick?  Or Phoebe and Constantine?  Tune in to The Bold and the Beautiful on Monday to find out!

-Debbie Chang, BuddyTV Staff Writer
(Image courtesy of CBS)