The Bold and the Beautiful: August 15 Live Thoughts
The Bold and the Beautiful: August 15 Live Thoughts
On today's episode, Brooke tells the social worker, Dorothy Bascom, that she thinks Stephanie shouldn't have custody of her children.  She vows that she will get them back.  Brooke tries to convince the social worker that she has complied with everything asked of her, but the social worker doesn't look convinced.  Dorothy brings up the fact that Brooke gets careless and neglectful whenever there is a man involved.

Finally, Dorothy is convinced and tells her that she will request a hearing for tomorrow to see if Brooke can get Hope and RJ back.

Taylor and Stephanie discuss the same thing.  Taylor declines helping Stephanie anymore.

We come back from the break to find Stephanie having tea with Dorothy this time.  Dorothy tells Stephanie of her plans to call for a hearing.  Stephanie suggests that Dorothy drop in on Brooke unannounced because she will be sure of finding a raging party.

Alone now, Stephanie makes a call to Andy Johnson's cell phone, talking up Brooke to him.  She happens to walk into the restaurant where Andy is having a drink, and Stephanie slyly encourages him to make a conquest, hoping of course that Brooke will bring him home tonight and Dorothy will decide against taking Brooke's side.

Stephanie continues to work the phone, this time with her son Ridge.  Ridge has decided to let Brooke have custody of the kids, but Stephanie will have none of it.

At the restaurant, Brooke finds herself conveniently alone.  Andy whistles for her attention.  He flirts, rather clunkily, and reveals that he is the secret admirer who sent her the bird-in-a-cage.

-Debbie Chang, BuddyTV Staff Writer
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